Google Analytics 4 Migration Services

The Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration is changing the data reporting game… fast.

Not all marketing teams have the time and resources for a GA4 migration. And we all know that analytics tracking can be complicated. DBE makes sure working with us is easy. With consistent communication and the Japanese art of anticipation, Omotenashi, we make the process as simple and smooth as possible, so you can keep doing what you do.

Not only do we set-up your website tracking, but we put it all in an easy-to-understand, customizable Google Data Studio Dashboard. So, you and your stakeholders have access to your data all the time.

The Simple Path to GA4 Migration Success with DBE

  • DBE will conduct audits of the current analytics setup. This includes Goal Tracking and KPI (key performance indicator) alignment.
  • Your team and DBE will confirm the GA4 tracking plan for implementation.

DBE will set up the GA4 and Google Tag Manager accounts.

  • Your team implements Google Tag Manager tracking code on your website.
  • DBE will set up goal tracking through Google Tag Manager.
  • DBE will link GA4 to Google Ads and other platforms.
  • DBE will link Google Data Studio to Google Analytics 4 and update sources.

DBE will QA the GA4 tracking.

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