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Services for Business Leaders

Another reason why we’re not like other digital agencies is because we take our Omotenashi outside the scope of the marketing we’re doing into our clients’ C-Suite. With our Owlthena service, we provide executives 1:1 sounding board sessions to help them get clarity quickly. Here’s how and why we help:

Yes, we deeply care about our client brands and are all about helping them succeed. We take that even further…. We also care deeply about the people leading those brands, and we want to help them to continue to lead positively, with confidence and balanced energy.

Our Owlthena services facilitates successful thinking with unique consulting services to help business leaders clear their heads so they can see next steps more clearly. Via one-to-one video sessions, business leaders get a confidential platform to speak freely, with the sole objective of articulating their next step and having the confidence to move forward.

Think about it… sometimes you are so fixated on “the way you see it” that you can’t see your way clear to whatever that next step is. You find yourself thinking in circles and being “stuck”.

A one-hour Owlthena session doesn’t solve the challenge, but it absolutely helps you hear yourself and see the situation differently, so you can get clarity on the immediate next step and move forward.

Owlthena has been successfully helping business leaders get quick clarity since 2018.

Schedule Your Session

As part of their annual contracts with DBE, retainer clients receive two free Owlthena sessions per year and have the option to schedule additional sessions at a discounted rate of $250 per one-hour session.

Non-clients can also schedule an Owlthena session at the $350 per session rate.


Other Client Benefits

Signature events are designed to help business leaders think in new and interesting ways to keep advancing their goals. Guest speakers include inspiring experts from all areas affecting organizational leadership in people-first enterprises of all sizes. DBE’s clients enjoy hearing from⁠ — and interacting with ⁠— communications experts like Kelly Stewart and Michael Piperno; podcasting pioneers Dan Nestle (The Dan Nestle Show) and producer of the Ambie-award winning podcast Driving the Green Book, Kathy Doyle; and many more.

These idea-sparking presentations and lively Q&As refresh and renew the people running brands, departments, and entire companies with inspiring perspectives shared among energized leaders.

Conducted in a variety of formats, from Zoom events to intimidate dinners to larger, in-person events in major cities, DBE’s clients look forward to “what’s next” with enthusiasm.

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