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DBE POVs & Blogs

Google Ads Lead Form

Background Google is always exploring how to provide the best experience possible while helping advertisers increase conversions. Recently Google has been focusing a lot of attention on mobile because 40%+ ...


It’s Not Rocket Science Until It Is…

We here at DBE have a problem with the below chart from eMarketer. It’s probably because we have this same problem when talking with potential clients about the complexities of ...


Lose the Media-Buy Mindset to Succeed with Paid Search

By Veronica “Niki” Fielding Originally published in the March 2018 issue of “Postings” the member newsletter of the Direct Marketing Club of New York City While Facebook generates $40 billion ...


Is Snapchat Right for Your Brand?

Marketers are hearing a lot about Snapchat and naturally they want to find out if it’s right for their brands. Nadine Goerke, Manager of Search and Social Programs here at ...


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