Princeton, NJ (April 10)—Digital Brand Expressions (DBE) announced today the launch of a new service for business owners, called Owlthena. The new service creates an entirely new business category — expert listening services designed specifically for the needs of today’s business owners.

Business owners have unique challenges different from those of executives running businesses owned by others. While they tend to have solid support networks, business owners, especially owners of start-up or small businesses, often have issues and challenges they need to think through before they’re comfortable and ready to share them with others. Typically, their personal connections want to help, but don’t understand the nuances of business, and their business contacts are either too close to the subjects the business owner wants to talk about or the topics are too confidential to disclose. This is where Owlthena comes in.

Unlike coaching, therapy, and other solutions business owners can turn to for help with their challenges, Owlthena is a one-off, ad hoc solution that doesn’t require heavy investments in time and financial resources. And unlike services where the business owner is counting on someone else to solve the problem, with Owlthena, the business owner solves the problem themselves.

“This new service is an outgrowth of a combination of factors all very important to me, and I find myself in a unique position to launch what I think will be a valued service for those who see the need,” said Veronica “Niki” Fielding, President of DBE and Owlthena’s first Chief Listening Officer. “This service rises from the career-long intertwining of digital innovations and my drive to help others succeed in their careers. I’ve been providing Owlthena-like services informally to business owners for over twenty years. With the growing sophistication of video conferencing and advanced targeting digital marketing combined with an increased awareness of the therapeutic value of having someone actively listen to you and allow you to gain new perspectives by hearing your own voice articulating the issues, Owlthena is a service for those running companies in these dynamic times.”

About Digital Brand Expressions
Digital Brand Expressions (DBE) is an Omotenashi-driven digital marketing agency serving well-known brands in the consumer, B2B, media/publishing, financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. The agency is headquartered in Princeton, NJ with an office on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Owlthena is a new service offering from DBE. It’s a category-creating consulting solution for business owners. A single Owlthena session provides a conduit to clarity when a business owner talks to their Owlthena listener, a fellow business owner who listens attentively and guides them to clearer thinking with gentle prompts and clarifying questions. Hearing their own voice articulating the situation provides focus and paves the way for next steps.


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