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DBE Perspectives

Overcoming & Preventing Burnout

Between demanding bosses, long hours, and heavy workloads, it is no surprise so many individuals feel stressed and overwhelmed by their jobs. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), ...


SAIO and EEAT: The LinkedIn Connection

As part of our ongoing “human” learning process on conversational AI searches, we’ve been talking with the chatbots themselves about their “machine learning” processes. Today we’re sharing a recent ...


🎥 SAIO and SEO FAQs Answered

Just several weeks ago, DBE launched our new SAIO (say-o) strategy for optimizing websites to be found and cited when people conduct searches on AI ...


Staying Connected with Your Remote Team

Inspired by Office Manager Extraordinaire, Stacy Sarno Hello? Can you hear me now? We all remember those iconic "Can You Hear Me Now?" Verizon commercials from the 2000s. While ...


Twitter (X) Competitors Infographic

In the week of July 24th, Twitter rebranded to “X” almost overnight. The volatility of the platform since last October has left many dedicated Twitter users confused about the ...


The Chattribution Gap

In a recent DBE vlog, Natalie Lorenzo and I talked about ChatGPT’s AI limitations from a “search” perspective. We discussed two primary caveats to using ChatGPT for searches: ChatGPT’s ...


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