This week is a hodgepodge of stories that caught my attention plus an invitation to listen to my recent conversation with Michael Piperno on his Comvia podcast. Our do good spotlight shines on a mom-mentoring organization whose heart is always in the right place, and can you believe it’s the middle of June already???

  • What a blast I had talking with the ever-wonderful Michael Piperno, communications expert and coach extraordinaire and now a podcaster too. As is always the case when Michael and I chat, the conversation takes on a life of its own and Michael leads us to fascinating places. If you’re interested to know the back stories on how Omotenashi evolved here at Owlthena’s parent company, Digital Brand Expressions (DBE); why DBE is drama-free; and one of my most-treasured “better late than never” lessons, tune in to our conversation. You can listen on all the major podcast platforms or here. Enjoy! I know I did!
  • KPMG interviewed CEOs to get their take on what “normal” will look like for businesses. You won’t want to miss this.
  • Don’t fall for it! Scams are abundant and this Techlicious article talks about one where webmasters are told their site has images that are infringing on someone’s copyright. Clicking to learn more does not go well. Be sure to share this you’re your team, these scams are vicious! Here’s more.
  • Zahira Jaser nails it for The Harvard Business Review with this article about respecting middle management done right. IMHO, I thought a lot of companies struggled following the 2008 recession because they wiped out their middle managers as part of their cost saving measures. What they did in large part was to eliminate their teachers, gurus, and operational streamliners who knew how to get things done and who taught those coming after them. Here’s a great quote from the article, and there’s lots more where this came from: “It is time to reunite leadership and management in one concept, and recognize middle managers as connecting leaders. This concept recognizes that every leader is also a follower, and every follower is also a leader.” Preach!
  • The U.​S.​ data privacy landscape varies greatly from state to state and now Colorado just enacted the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA). Learn how it can affect your business in this Venture Beat article.

Do Good Spotlight on: EmpowerHER

This is beautiful, an organization providing mentoring “moms” to young women (18-24) and girls who have lost their own mothers. As the website explains, losing her mother can have life-long impact on a woman, going well beyond the milestones others may think about and trickling painfully into many aspects of her life. The EmpowerHER mentor moms help girls and young women transition into adulthood with guidance and support. We donated to help EmpowerHER do its thing and we encourage you to take a look at how you can support them too.

That’s it for this week, I hope you enjoyed the issue and that it created a few good sparks for your business brain. And remember, if you have a not-for-profit you’d like us to feature, let me know.

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