The DBE team and I hope your March is off to a good start. With lots going on in the world, perhaps this week’s digital marketing news can be a productive distraction. Here you go:

  • From Search Engine Watch: “Six Data-driven SEO Strategies That Optimize Conversion Rates.” It offers sound (albeit basic) best practices for improving user experience and ergo conversion after the click to your website from the organic search results pages. The big takeaway reminder is user experience is becoming a bigger part of search engine rankings algorithms, so the benefit of improved user experience impacts both SEO visibility and bottom-line conversions.
  • In a related story, also from Search Engine Land, Google has begun rolling out the desktop version of the page experience update. This is the next phase following the Core Web Vitals focus on key user experience metrics announced in 2020. While Google said this should not dramatically impact rankings, it does reinforce the growing influence of user experience as part of its algorithm.
  • Do you have enough data to make effective decisions on where to spend marketing and/or sales resources? Would you be among the 29% of marketers who answered “Yes” or the 55% who said “Somewhat”? Read about the survey that produced these results via Marketing Charts.
  • “‘’Creative’ is not a department. It’s a culture.” According to Avi Dan, a contributor to Forbes, risks are inherently present in ground-breaking creative. The question is if companies are willing to take the risk.

Do Good Spotlight on: St. Baldrick’s Foundation

This week we sponsored Ron Ostomel who is doing a Shamrock Shave on 3/19 in support of his 3-year-old grandson, Ari, who has been diagnosed with leukemia. You can learn more about St. Baldrick’s and Ron’s pledge, as well as support them, here.

  • Looking to enhance your network connections? Trying to land your dream marketing role? Check out this LinkedIn blog on the most valuable digital marketing skills to have listed on your profile.
  • Have you been following the Edible Arrangements vs. Google situation re: trademark theft? Edible Arrangements was attempting to sue Google in Georgia for selling use of its trademarked name to competitors for advertising via keyword purchases. The Supreme Court of Georgia rejected the suit but it’s an interesting, quick read if you like to tease your brain with the nuances where intangibles are involved.

Thanks for reading; please let me know if you want to talk about any of the stories or have not-for-profits for us to feature—and donate to—to keep sharing the positive energy. Best wishes for a smooth Part 2 of the week.

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