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  • Is Google taking a page from Perplexity? (pun courtesy of Marc Engelsman) Google is testing moving the citation link cards in the AI Overviews responses from the bottom (where they are essentially invisible) to the top where they are prominent (like Perplexity does). This is good news on the SAIO front as this move should improve click through rates from the link cards.
  • In related Search Engine Results Page (SERP) news, Google is discontinuing the continuous scroll feature. There will be a Page 2 again, and a Page 3, 4, 5, etc. It’s unclear how this will impact Impressions and Clicks as reported by Google Search Console. FYI, Google said they are doing this to speed delivery of search results. However, we suspect a motivation may be to allow more ads to appear when you flip to the next page.

Do Good Spotlight: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) 🌠

LLS is the “largest nonprofit dedicated to creating a world without blood cancers.” They’ve invested $1.7 billion in research since 1949. LLS also provides educational resources to patients and patient families and has active advocates to drive policy changes nationwide. Learn more here: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Digital Marketing

  • ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, silently launched Whee, a competitor to Instagram in June. In case you’re wondering, it’s not available in the U.S. yet. Mashable reports the big issue is that no one knows about it. Will this one flop like previous photo apps? We’ll have to see.
  • The first thing I said when I saw this article: why? Meta is launching its AI Studio for Instagram influencers, which allows them to create AI versions of themselves to react to fan DMs. To me, it sounds like Meta is opening up a whole can of crunchy. 😖 How will creators assess brand voice and response quality? It’s exciting not to have to answer the same questions repetitively, but are we sure users want to interact with another bot?
  • Which channel/tactic contributes most to the success of B2B customer acquisition efforts? {Pause while you consider your response.} Did your answer include one of these four – digital advertising, email, live events, social media? According to a Stirista/Ascend2 survey, the most influential channel is social media with 22% share of responses. Digital advertising was next at 16%, then email at 13%, and live events at 11%. Surprised? See the chart and read the summary for more details.

Thoughts to Take With You… 💞

What could the workplace be if…

… we were cognizant and compassionate of unknown struggles others may be facing?

… we allow people to work in ways they feel are most productive?

… we were able to sense when we needed a break and it was honored by others?

… we had programs that cared about wellbeing as much as productivity?

… we cared about the planet as much as profits?

The wonderful possibilities of kinder workplaces are innumerable. Stay tuned as we work on a new resource to help you build better workplaces.

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How about that your brain isn’t fully formed until 25?

Did you know that slurping a slushie too fast can give you sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia (brain freeze)?

Check out these cool facts on the brain!

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