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A recent NPR (National Public Radio) segment explored questions that marketers have been raising regarding the effectiveness of Facebook as an advertising platform. Because the nature of social media as a marketing tool is interest based rather than intent based, it is not unusual for companies to question whether the advertising is worth the cost. This occurs because they are uncertain their ads are reaching the intended audience, or they don’t see a 1:1 action between the social ad and a business action generated by it. The NPR story talks about a new lawsuit filed by that goes a step further and accuses Facebook of misleading advertisers with false claims regarding their ability to effectively target ads.


DBE Assessment

At DBE we have successfully used Facebook as an advertising platform for our clients since its inception. While there is no guarantee of success on any advertising platform, we have found that by structuring our campaigns effectively, Facebook is an excellent way to reach a defined advertising audience and increase brand awareness and generate sales.


Essentials of a strong Facebook Advertising Campaign:

1. Well Defined KPIs

One mistake marketers often make when advertising on Facebook is not having measurable benchmarks of success. At DBE we work closely with our clients to define their goals and the KPIs we will use to measure them. We set performance targets and measure q campaign against those goals. The success of the campaign is often measured in direct action by the audience, such as a product purchase or a generated lead but we can also measure the value when the Facebook ad influences action at a later time.


2. Targeted Audience

Facebook offers many options to refine a target audience which is one of the main selling points of its advertising program. Unlike traditional advertising, marketers have the ability to utilize demographics, geographic information, and user interests to direct ads to people most likely to be receptive to them.  Facebook offers the ability to see the reach and frequency of these targets in real time and allows us to adjust client ads based on measurable data.


3. Effective Messaging

As with any advertising efforts, it is essential to craft an effective messaging strategy with a clear call to action. Facebook users are accustomed to seeing marketing messages and react favorably to messages that are appealing and relevant—and which give them clear next steps if they’re interested in learning more, buying, etc. Integration with Other Marketing Channels


4. Integration with Other Marketing Channels

We view Facebook as an important part of an integrated digital marketing strategy not just as a stand-alone channel. When a user sees an ad on Facebook, the message acts in many cases to increase brand awareness or reinforce brand messages. While the consumer may take a direct action after seeing the Facebook ad, it may just be one step in the process of completing a larger goal.


DBE has many success stories of clients utilizing Facebook to promote their brands and drive customer action across many industries including health care, ecommerce, retail/restaurants, consumer services, even some B2B. Please reach out if you would like more information or to check out a few of those case stories.

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