Well, we made it this far! 2020, I will not miss you but there were a number of things we celebrated here at DBE despite the gruesome backdrop of a year gone haywire…

The team and I are grateful for the success of our new business model that is helping us to retain and onboard the right clients with whom we can grow together.

This year saw our clients grow their businesses, DBE’s base of clients expanded, our revenues increased, and our core team grew right along through it all. Throughout the year we had opportunities to demonstrate—and receive—true partnering with our clients, strategic alliances, our network of specialists, and more. While the year raged on, I periodically would reflect on how well those in our sphere were managing through it all, sharing their vulnerabilities, asking for help knowing others would respond, and learning valuable lessons in the process.

That’s how I saw the year. Here’s Google’s take on the year in search, beginning with “Why?”

DBE donated to a number of stellar not for profits this year. Here’s the list:

We’ll continue the traditional into 2021, and we’re not done yet for 2020. This week:

Do Good Spotlight: Passage Theatre

Located smack in the heart of downtown Trenton, this little theater does an AMAZING job of staging the most thought-provoking productions, themed this year with connection and caring. Season after season they deliver on their mission: creating and producing socially relevant new plays and arts programming that deeply resonate with and reflect their community. Through professional productions, educational programs, and community engagement, they present diverse perspectives and new voices that inspire audiences and invigorate the art of live theatre. If you want to support the arts, this little theater is a worthy recipient.

Our What’s Hot Wednesday for Digital Marketers e-briefing will be back on January 6, 2021. In the meantime, the rest of the DBE team and I wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season and–I cannot stress this more emphatically–A HAPPY 2021!!!!!

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