Lots of snow here in the mid-Atlantic, making up for no snow last year. Working from home has brought new appreciation for icicle formations. Not always in the same place, and the variety in length and where they form is kinda’ cool. Also kinda’ cool are the articles the team asked me to share with you this week. Here we go…

  • Alphabet, Google’s parent, is doing very well for itself, with Google Search and YouTube being the hard drivers cited by the company’s CFO, Ruth Porat. Here’s more from Variety.
  • Here’s a continuation of the Google (and Facebook) vs. Australia saga regarding a proposed law there that would affect the marketing platforms’ bargaining power with publishers. The recently signed deal between Google and France does not carry the expansive impact projected for the proposed Australian law (News Media Bargaining Code). It’s a weighty issue, or should we say, a tangled web of issues. You can read about it all here.
  • Tables turned…CMO at Zoom, Janine Pelosi, shares her predictions on the future of the workplace. While she doesn’t see the office disappearing entirely, office time will be planned for maximum efficiency and collaboration, and she’s got some notes on virtual conferences too.
  • Want to understand Facebook’s algorithm for content that enters your news feed (and, wearing your marketing cap, how it affects your brand making it to your audiences’ feeds)? This article from Facebook shares info and has a few good visuals that simplify the story.
  • It may be the dead of winter, but MarketingCharts shares that many marketers are feeling the heat — in the form of having to prove the effectiveness of their ad spend. So, if you’ve been feeling “more pressure than ever” to justify expenses, you can take a little comfort knowing your pain is shared by 36% of respondents to The Trade Desk survey.
  • Tom Fishburne has been publishing his Marketoonist cartoons nearly every week since 2002. That’s a lot of pokes at the marketing world and this jab on pop-up ads is a knock-out…
  • Remember when companies were able to schedule a year in advance? Now, it feels like there’s not enough information to plan the rest of the month. Learn about strategic planning tips for 2021 and stay on top of the game by assuming there will be uncertainty.

Do Good Spotlight on: The American Cancer Society

Most people think about the work the American Cancer Society does to fund and conduct research to eradicate cancer, but have you seen the website lately? It’s filled with educational information to help us all stay healthy and adopt lifestyles that help reduce our cancer risks. We donated to this amazing mega organization to support the great work they are doing on so many fronts. Check them out here.

Well, that’s a wrap. The rest of the DBE team and I hope we’ve pointed  you to useful content and that the rest of the week is a good combination of productive and rewarding. And then of course there’s the weekend too. We’re off on Monday, February 15, hope you are too. Enjoy!

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