Got your digital marketing cap on? Good, let’s go:

  • Protecting customer privacy and the slow but steady elimination of 3rd party cookies is now at the forefront of the digital marketing industry. With the strong push towards protecting user data, contextual targeting has once again become a favorite and the focus for brands and agencies alike. Consider this from Pat Heath of Amobee who is featured in this ExchangeWire piece: “The main reason contextual targeting had a resurgence in 2020 (and will continue to do so in 2021) is because it solves both privacy and identity challenges. No user data is considered when placing an ad, which means there are no concerns around infringing regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, and no impact from technological updates such as the deprecation of third-party cookies in Google Chrome and the recent IDFA app tracking updates from Apple.”
  • Check out the way Suann Ingle Associates LLC produced and is sharing a PSA (public service announcement) on COVID while also promoting the company’s services. The company provides visual aids for trials to help attorneys better share data and key points for judges and juries. Is there something your company can do with your expertise and talents to do good while letting the world know what you do?
  • LinkedIn just launched Sales Insights to give sales teams real-time insights and opportunities. Features include an account-mapping addition to help view key stakeholders visually. Learn more about the new data analytics platform here.
  • If you’ve worked with DBE, you’ve likely heard us say we don’t approach paid search (or paid social, for that matter) as a traditional media buy. That includes the intra-month optimizations our team makes to improve performance based on client-approved business goals. This blog post from Merkle reinforces this more holistic approach that starts with the end in mind.
  • How’s this for an analogy for integrated digital marketing – entering a playground tournament of dodgeball, kickball, and tetherball? Read this Search Engine Watch for details on which channels each of these represent and how those who understand best know how to combine them and rule the digital playing field.
  • Mon Dieu! Reuters has a couple of quick reads on issues Google France is dealing with across the pond including a fine of about $1.​34 million after finding Google’s hotel rankings could be misleading.
  • Here’s a look at how some companies are preparing for Apple’s new privacy policies/changes.

Do Good Spotlight: NY Common Pantry and Feeding America

Food insecurity is a much broader concept than being hungry—it’s also about being distracted by the persistent unsureness of where your next meal—and the meals of those you love—are coming from. Here’s a good definition of food insecurity from the Feeding America website: “Food insecurity describes a household’s inability to provide enough food for every person to live an active, healthy life. Food insecurity is one way we can measure and assess the risk of hunger. In the United States currently, 1 in 9 people struggle with hunger.”

Here are two resources DBE donated to this week to help reduce food insecurity and hunger in the US: NY Common Pantry and Feeding America.

Here’s to a productive 2nd half of the work week and a happy weekend to follow!

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Published On: 02/24/2021 / Categories: Perceptive Marketer /

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