What a weekend! Lunar New Year on Friday (with a shout out to our neighbors for delicious wonton soup), a socially distanced family birthday celebration, Valentine’s Day, and then Monday off for President’s Day. It wasn’t a relaxing weekend but it sure was fun!

  • Are you concerned that your employees—or maybe even you—are experiencing signs of burnout? It’s unfortunately quite common these days, but it’s not a foregone conclusion that a couch potato future awaits. Check out this article on how to check in with your team (and yourself) and enact steps to head burnout off.
  • You will need a subscription to The Wall Street Journal to read this unless you get lucky and haven’t used up your free views this month. This article by Elizabeth Bernstein talks about how people are reading a lot, but much slower than before the pandemic, because they’re finding it hard to concentrate on longer pieces such as books and novels. So if you noticed that you’re reading slower, like I did, know it’s not just you and soldier on. The benefits of reading, even at a slower pace than you like, outweigh the annoyance of realizing it’s a slower go…
  • Have you heard about what translates from Japanese to “forest bathing?” For years, the Japanese have benefitted from purposeful walking in the woods to improve their health. Now, scientists are rounding out the story with data from a variety of studies showing that 2.5 hours per week walking nature will lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression. The newest research also shows nature walks increase the presence of human anticancer natural killer cells. Mother Nature really does want us out here with her. Here’s more from The Wall Street Journal.
  • Wait, we’re not done with the trees yet…we all know trees are alive, but did you know they talk with each other? Oh yeah, they do.
  • Okay, no more trees, not even going to mention Sherwood Forest, (I had to, I just had to)…I know you’re up to date on Robinhood and the stock market, but here’s a different perspective: teens and younger are buying and selling stock, “buycotting” companies, and more. Talk about social activism in the digital age.

Do Good Spotlight: Sandy Hook Promise

This is a tough one to write about, so we’re not going to say much here, but parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook, CT shooting are working hard to keep all of our school children safe. If that cause resonates with you, please donate as we did. Learn more here.

If you’ve been cooped up due to weather or other factors, maybe push yourself a little to get out into nature, even on a cloudy day. You can have a nice, warm cup of coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate, etc. when you get back as a treat, just try to break the indoor rut and soak up some Vitamin D! And watch for those early signs of spring. Croci, I’m looking for you!

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