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What’s Hot Wednesday2022-07-05T13:51:08+00:00

What’s Hot Wednesday

What’s Hot

Snapchat Desktop, Conversion-Worthy Websites, & Jaws?

Duh-DUH…Duh-DUH… DUHDUHDUHDUH 🦈 Put down the popcorn! 🍿 Time to take a break from binging Shark Week to get your digital marketing gossip… Drumroll, please. 🥁 Snapchat is coming ...


Generational Marketing, Twitter Suits, & Bounce Rate Back

Ahoy, marketers! 🦜 AARRRRR you ready for this week’s digital marketing dirt? You better, because it’s coming atcha fast, mateys! eMarketer shares some interesting stats on generational use of ...


B2B ROI, Marketing Budgets, & Pop Culture

Hello, Hello, Hello… ? Is there anybody in there? Is there anyone looking for digital marketing news? ? Alright, we may not be Pink Floyd, but we will rock ...


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