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Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Leaders2023-01-16T15:25:33+00:00

Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Leaders

Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Leaders

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Niki’s Notes March 30, 2023

Hi, How’s your week going so far? I have daffodil envy. Apparently something happened to the ones that were planted by the previous owner, they got increasingly sparse over the ...


Niki’s Notes March 23, 2023

Well, Hi There! I’m back–took my first two-week vacation EVER, and it was truly relaxing. My husband and I went on a southern Caribbean cruise. I would like to ...


Niki’s Notes March 2, 2023

Hi, How’s March treating you? So far so good here in Princeton… Each week I try to surface stories that inspire, inform, and/or spark new thinking among executives looking to ...


Niki’s Notes February 24, 2023

Hi, March is just around the corner and so is spring. I hope you’ve got great plans for the weekend. Depending on when you’re reading this, it’s 5:00 somewhere, so ...


Niki’s Notes February 16, 2023

Hi, We made it past the Groundhog, the Super Bowl, and Cupid’s fun. So much to celebrate in February. Next up, SPRING! Here are the stories I want to ...


Niki’s Notes February 9, 2023

Hi, How’s your February going? Mine’s kinda awesome. Celebrated another birthday (whew, made it!) and am excited about launching the Philadelphia chapter of The Connective. I’m going to be sending ...


Niki’s Notes February 2, 2023

Hi, Happy Groundhog Day! Does it feel like we’ve done this all before? Well, I hope this week’s Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Leaders sparks new thinking and ideas to help ...


Niki’s Notes January 26, 2023

Hi, How’s your January going? Groundhog Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means. So far there’s no snow here in Princeton, NJ. Wonder what the ...


Niki’s Notes January 19, 2023

Hi, I’m writing this while eating a Jolly Rancher. Do you have a favorite flavor of these little suckers? I’m on Team Blueberry. Watermelon is a close second. But ...


Niki’s Notes January 12, 2023

Whew! I’m guessing most Wordle players have experienced Whew! When you get the word on your 6th try? That’s me with Niki’s Notes this week. I’ve been collecting stories ...


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