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Niki’s Notes for Thoughtful Leaders

Niki’s Notes for Thoughtful Leaders

Niki’s Notes February 23, 2024

Hi! Leading off with an offer: Would you like to join my Monday Morning Intention Pod? Mondays, 9:00-9:15 a.m. (ET)? We use the energy of community to set a ...


Niki’s Notes February 15, 2024

Hi! What’s the best thing that happened to you so far this week? Here’s mine: I made a transformative discovery about my perception of time and energy that I’m ...


Niki’s Notes February 9, 2024

Hi, Were you able to stay focused and purposefully shepherd compassionate behaviors in your workplace this week? If yes, kudos! If it was more challenging than usual, what made ...


Niki’s Notes February 1, 2024

Hi, Happy February and watch out for groundhogs! Can you believe how far we’ve come so quickly? How are you tracking toward your goals? So far, I’m doing a good job–not ...


Niki’s Notes January 25, 2024

Hi, Thank you to everyone who responded to my “super short survey” about compassionate leadership. What I learned from the responses: Respondents believe they are a compassionate leader at least ...


Niki’s Notes January 18, 2024

Hi There, January’s half gone, or has half to go—what’s your perspective on that? Guess it depends on how much you’ve accomplished so far this month. I’ve made a ...


Niki’s Notes January 11, 2024

Hi, I never liked malted milk balls. Apparently, in 2024, I like malted milk balls. A lot. That is all… And, now to the important stuff: I have a ...


Niki’s Notes January 4, 2024

Hi, Sooooo, how were your holidays? Mine were very chill, spent lots of time with family and friends. Plus, I had a little time to focus forward and while ...


Niki’s Notes December 21, 2023

Hi, This is the last issue of Niki’s Notes… for 2023. Thank you for bringing me into your sphere to share ripples of info for you to turn into ...


Niki’s Notes December 14, 2023

Hi - The world is not looking its best these days, but I refuse to despair, and from your feedback, I know you’re with me on this. We’re all ...


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