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Niki’s Notes

Niki’s Notes

Niki’s Notes August 25, 2022

Hi, So, it’s really truly almost the end of August. I know many of our southern readers have kiddos back to school already. Here in the Princeton, NJ area, ...


Niki’s Notes August 18, 2022

Hi, I hope you liked the first issue of the newly named Niki’s Notes last week. I received good feedback from a few readers and I appreciated their notes. This ...


Niki’s Notes August 11, 2022

Hi, Update: this e-briefing was originally a component of our Owlthena service, which is being sunsetted, along with its website and social properties. Thank you to everyone who tried this ...


Niki’s Notes June 22, 2022

Hi, Happy Summer Solstice as of 5:31 a.m. ET yesterday. I have mixed emotions about this every year. I just about get use to there still being light in ...


Niki’s Notes June 8, 2022

Hi, I hope you had a good weekend and are already planning for the next one. The items I’m sharing are all about supporting yourself and your team members ...


Niki’s Notes June 1, 2022

I hope you were able to enjoy the long weekend and accomplish everything you wanted to do. I have a very varied list of suggestions for you this week, so ...


Niki’s Notes May 25, 2022

It feels like a while since the last What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Leaders. I know why—I actually, finally took all the advice we publish about the importance of taking ...


Niki’s Notes May 4, 2022

Tra la, it’s May, the lovely month of May (channeling the Camelot soundtrack…) As a business leader, I know how challenging it can be to read beyond the mainstream headlines ...


Niki’s Notes April 20, 2022

I hope you’re enjoying April and the promise of warmer weather. Here are a few items that I want to share to help fuel your business leader engine: Virtual Reality ...


Niki’s Notes March 30, 2022

Hi, March is keeping us guessing with 40-degree temp swings and snow tantrums, but spring is making progress and we’ll be outdoors regularly in no time. Here are stories that ...


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