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Niki’s Notes for Thoughtful Leaders

Niki’s Notes for Thoughtful Leaders

Niki’s Notes July 6, 2023

Hi, “Be obsessed or be average.” --Grant Cardone Someone posted that quote on Instagram, and I liked it so much I wanted to check if it was really a Grant ...


Niki’s Notes June 29, 2023

Hi, Busy week, not complaining. And for those of you following my valiant efforts to take time off, you’ll be happy to know that my daughter and I had a ...


Niki’s Notes June 22, 2023

Hi, Feeling good about getting things done in a short week that started with Juneteenth and wraps up with my first-ever get away with my daughter since she started working ...


Niki’s Notes June 15, 2023

Hi, Thursday again? That was fast! I had so much fun this past weekend and am all set for more of the same for the weekend coming up. Plus, this ...


Niki’s Notes June 8, 2023

Hi, Were you affected by the “haze” this week? It was eerie having haze without the heat that usually accompanies it. So many people noticed the haze but it ...


Niki’s Notes June 1, 2023

Hi, Last weekend was really great, lots of sunshine, biking, and family time. The food truck festival at Monmouth Park racetrack was fun for the foodie in me and winning ...


Niki’s Notes May 18, 2023

Hi! Did you have a good weekend, and are you looking forward to the next one? Hope both answers are affirmative. To keep your 360°-self humming along, here are a ...


Niki’s Notes May 4, 2023

Hi! How’s May treating you? I know, I know, we’re just getting started, but I’m liking it so far, how about you? This week there’s lots of fuel for ...


Niki’s Notes April 27, 2023

Hi, I’ve long had a special place in my heart for Thursdays. When I was in elementary school, for several years in a row, gym was on Thursdays. I loved ...


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