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Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Workplaces

Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Workplaces

Niki’s Notes December 7, 2023

Let’s never lose our enthusiasm for “our job!” Have you been taking good care of yourself? I hope so, because as a leader of people, you need to be at ...


Niki’s Notes November 30, 2023

Hi, Did you miss me? While I enjoyed the hiatus that came along with Thanksgiving celebrations, I missed connecting with you through Niki’s Notes. I’m back again this week ...


Niki’s Notes November 16, 2023

Hi, Whatcha’ doing for Thanksgiving? I’m hosting this year after a Covid-induced hiatus from hosting last year. I’m all geared up and have added mini beef wellingtons to the ...


Niki’s Notes November 9, 2023

How are you doing? … … Did you think that was a rhetorical question? I’m actually asking. I know we’re not conversing right now, so in truth I won’t ...


Niki’s Notes November 2, 2023

Hi, I was in Astoria, Queens last Saturday with family and ate outside at Hamido’s, a seafood restaurant (highly recommended). The day was gorgeous and the street in front ...


Niki’s Notes October 26, 2023

Hi, This year seems to be a mixed bag for businesses–I’d love to hear how it’s been for you. My company hit our targets and then some, including retaining ...


Niki’s Notes October 19, 2023

Hi,   How are you doing? It’s rough right now, right? It is. It is. I know leading with compassion can be challenging when you’re feeling drained. Let’s work ...


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