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January’s half gone, or has half to go—what’s your perspective on that? Guess it depends on how much you’ve accomplished so far this month. I’ve made a referral that closed, signed a contract to write a chapter for a book for marketing executives, and my company, Digital Brand Expressions, is getting lots of attention for the pioneering work we’re doing for a new kind of SEO, called Search AI Optimization (SAIO). Not a bad way to start the year!

What are your 2024 early successes? I’d love to hear them.

Thanks to everyone who completed my super-fast “Are You a Compassionate Leader” survey. Much appreciated, will share insights in a week or so.

Here are my shares for this week to help those choosing to lead with confidence and compassion stay informed, balanced, and spot on:

  • No one likes having “those conversations” with underperforming employees. It helps to understand what may be going on with the person to better address the issues, and this article from American Express has some solid tips. If you want coaching on those challenging conversations, Michael Piperno has courses designed for you and the managers on your team to get directness, clarity, and positive action working for you.
  • Glassdoor has a round up of the best places to work in 2024, according to data pulled from talent reviews. What do you see as the common factors among so many companies? I’m seeing a lot of: culture, colleagues, benefits that matter, and nods to the teams that make it all happen.
  • What’s to become of shopping malls? Lots of them are being converted to residential properties. This story from The Wall Street Journal points to a growing trend of people wanting to be outside, so strip malls are gaining in popularity for retailers of all sizes.

Noteworthy 🖋

Here’s a company that is getting a lot of positive buzz in my networking circles: Bridgio. It helps bridge communication issues that can lead to all kinds of issues, from poor mental health, reduced quality of life, fewer promotions, stifled innovation, and more. Those of you intent on improving connection between your teams and communities, especially for remote and hybrid workers, home in on this: Bridgio is not just another digital tool; it’s an engagement platform crafted for deeper interaction, setting it apart from video meeting platforms like Zoom, Teams, and the rest. In brief, it organizes participants into small breakout rooms with custom discussion prompts, fostering innovation, belonging, and cross-collaboration. I belong to two different groups using Bridgio successfully and I highly recommend you check it out if moving beyond the meeting is important for your team. Reach out to: paulj@bridgio.io or ask me to make an introduction, I’d be happy to introduce you.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 ProPublica 🌟

ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom producing investigative journalism with moral force. Since 2007, ProPublica has been dedicated to “exposing corruption, informing the public about complex issues, and using the power of investigative journalism to spur reform.” Follow them for the deep dives on important issues and learn how you can support them too: ProPublica.

  • What is “effective altruism” (EA) and why does it matter? As we look for ways to improve the planet through business, take a look at this concept which focuses on using data and not emotion to make philanthropic donations with an eye to the cost-benefit analysis of how the funds will be used. I’m sharing because this is heady stuff (of course it is, the article is from The Economist): who gets funding, are donations for short-term or long-term fixes, etc. but it also plays to the other concepts we talk about here each week, in particular, the role businesses play in creating the ripples that make waves of improvement for people beyond their own perimeter.
  • Why is there such a gap between what executives are saying about remote work’s effectiveness and employees’ expressions on the same? Hmmm, I can’t help but notice a lot of the people demanding return to the office are men, who study after study show don’t, on average, shoulder the same amount of family-related work as their female partners. Erin Grau makes some good points in her piece for Fortune on flexible work and “the system.”
  • You know I’m fascinated by entrepreneurs, especially the ones who make their way by looking at something from a different perspective. This is a simple arbitrage play by Sahaj Dhingra and what I appreciate in this story is not just the win but the honesty. I’ve got to say, “Respect!”

Okay, that’s a wrap. Hope you got some good fuel for leading your team from today’s issue. Remember, stay strong, stay focused, and stay true to yourself—there’s only one of you in the entire universe!


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