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It’s so hot. Like, really hot. So hot that I keep repeating how hot it is to anyone within earshot, who, of course, already knows it’s so freakin’ hot. There’s relief ahead, but in the meantime, it’s so freakin’ hot! 🔥

🚀 Information & Resources to Help You Drive Change

Here are my shares for this week:

SPECIAL NOTE: If you hit a paywall on any of the stories I share, go to Google Search, enter the name of the publication and something about the story (author, title, subject) to get a natural search link that usually by-passes the pay wall.

  • ABetterParadigm.com, the new home for Niki’s Notes and so much more, is almost ready to launch. It will be a centralized resource for coaches, training & development programs, assessments, conferences, reading suggestions, and more. All focus is on helping business people like you build and strengthen compassionate workplaces. Special thanks to Natalie Lorenzo of DBE who has contributed significantly to the look and feel of the brand: logo, website, marketing materials, and more. Stay tuned!
  • Are you a healthy worker or a workaholic? Quick quiz gives some answers and perspectives. (Scroll down, it’s not the top story on the page.)
  • According to researchers, when leaders say, “I am very grateful” rather than “thank you” it has a stronger impact on employees and their productivity. I’m not sure about this one. I think either works well when you provide details, like, “Thank you for the details you provided; going deeper helped me uncover insights I wouldn’t have had….” I think any thanks are appreciated when they don’t feel superficial. Thoughts?
  • Want to live longer? Less TV the answer according to this new study.
  • Some people are not comfortable with the notion of seeking power. Is this you? Perhaps a new definition is in order. Here you go.
  • I was at a great presentation/Q&A with former Navy Seal Gregory Hake last week. I keep thinking about a phrase he used, “break contact.” It refers to a strategy to withdraw from a situation when you don’t have an advantage. As he explained, in the movies the hero and their friends always fight through an ambush, but in real life, withdrawing when surprised (and at a disadvantage) can be the smartest move. Business is evolving to where admitting vulnerability is a strength: we can withdraw, regroup, and come back stronger. If the Navy Seals can do this, what a great model for the rest of us.

🌟 Do Good Spotlight: National Civil Rights Museum

To commemorate Juneteenth, we are supporting the National Civil Rights Museum. By remembering the past, we teach ourselves what’s important as we journey forward to equality for all. The National Civil Rights Museum continues the legacy of sharing stories that changed our nation. Learn how you can help: National Civil Rights Museum.

🖋 Noteworthy: Shift/Co

Wouldn’t it be great if world-bettering, for-profit companies had a consulting firm with coaches trained to work specifically for them? Guess what! It’s here and it’s called Shift/Co.

Shift/Co, founded by Terri Maxwell, is designed to help people building conscious/mission-focused companies that are designed to generate profit to accelerate their success. As Terri points out, conscious companies need different planning and decision making than traditional companies. She and her team leverage their expertise to help this new wave of entrepreneurs succeed quickly, and Shift/Co has the data to prove its effectiveness.

The Conscious Business Growth Platform™ shows each client what to focus on to evolve the business and elevate success. Clients receive specific learning paths, coaching, and mentoring to ensure their success.

I’m a big advocate because I’ve had the good fortune to work with Terri and her team while prepping for the launch of A Better Paradigm. If you know someone planning to start or wanting to scale a for-profit, mission-focused business, suggest they check out Shift/Co.

🎵 On a Personal Note

With kids heading off to college soon, these moving tips seem timely. Actually, they work for anyone changing homes, so check out these more-than-clever packing hacks. 😉

⏳Until Next Time…

There’s so much going on in our world, and it’s often challenging to stay focused on what you can influence. When I feel myself spending too much energy outside my areas of influence, I purposefully pause and redirect my attention where my energy has an impact. If we all do that, our ripples will become the waves of change we’re seeking. Let’s keep vibing at those higher frequencies and stay cool regardless of the temperature.


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