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SPECIAL NOTE: If you hit a paywall on any of the stories I share, go to Google Search, enter the name of the publication and something about the story (author, title, subject) to get a natural search link that usually by-passes the pay wall.

  • When we talk about building better workplaces, we often talk about Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Here’s a great example of someone demonstrating EQ. In addition to the 3 pillars of EQ described in the article, awareness of oneself and one’s impact on others are vital for building emotionally safe environments.
  • Leadership tips for humans in an increasingly AI-driven world include: “Traditionally, leadership centered on an inspirational, guru-like approach, but this is shifting. People are no longer enthused about fulfilling someone else’s agenda; instead, they seek autonomy and meaning in their work.” Here’s more.
  • According to KPMG’s recent 2024 CEO Outlook Pulse survey, “74% of U.S. CEOs are prioritizing more initiatives focused on mental well-being such as digital wellness solutions, mindfulness seminars, resilience workshops and coaching sessions.” The post also talks about a topic near and dear to me: improving how we measure productivity so we can “get off the clock.” Read more from KPMG’s Vice Chair, Talent and Culture at KPMG, Sandy Torchia.
  • I’ve long supported employees having side hustles, provided they give my company the 100% I’m paying them for. I think it helps them better understand business from an owner’s perspective, expands them as people, and yields other benefits to my business too. Ross Buhrdorf, CEO of ZenBusiness shares his perspectives on side hustles—let me know what you think.

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Did you know that 40% of your colleagues have responsibilities for children and aging parents simultaneously? How aware are you of the family circumstances of your colleagues? Do you know who has children, who is caring for aging parents, and who has both kinds of responsibilities? What about pets? As we migrate from “work-life balance” to models that recognize time blending, how are we factoring various situations and needs for flexibility to create opportunities that benefit everyone?

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Habitat for Humanity 🌟

Building supportive, stable communities by helping families build and improve their homes is what Habitat for Humanity is all about. Learn more, and consider a team project for your company that can help your community too!

Noteworthy 🖋

This company transforms daily cleaning and storage essentials into environmentally safe products. Think reusable food storage bags, laundry detergent strips, toilet cleaners, and more. I like their slogan too: “Change the world without changing your routine.” Find out more.

🎵 On a Personal Note

  • Have you ever heard of a kangaroo word? Wait, take a pause, what do you think it is? (Okay, click here, were you right?)

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I hope June brings you all kinds of wonderful. Enjoy the weekend, and come back to work refreshed and refocused.


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