I hope your week is on a good trajectory! Here are the stories the DBE team surfaced for on digital marketing to share with you this week:

  • Clubhouse is the latest social media app to go viral with now over 6 million users a week and 10 million downloads. Elon Musk and countless other authors, entrepreneurs and influencers have hosted conversations here. The accelerated growth of the platform (over 2 million users a week) and huge ecosystem building around it gives brands an opportunity to get in front of a rapidly growing audience first.BTW, I’ve been learning the ropes of Clubhouse thanks to my invite from @Angie_Bruhn. Real-time conversations, even if you’re just listening in, are a time–and space—commitment. You need to be where you won’t disturb others with the conversation—AirPods in! And right now, Clubhouse is iPhone only, so if you’re on an Android, you’re stuck waiting outside the door, for now.
  • Premium Spotify podcast listeners have run into a conundrum. Why are they paying premium prices for podcasts “peppered with ads?” These ads could be great for advertisers, especially with Spotify developing its own advertising platform for podcasts. However, do these ads cross the line of advertising bombardment? Explore more on this topic with Digital Music News.
  • The IBM Institute for Business Value recently published this report of its most recent survey of 3,000 CEO’s.​ There’s a lot of meat in there, but if  you want a quick read, Marketing Charts has this summary for you. Want less? Okay, how’s this for net/net: CEO top priorities are delivering better customer experiences and developing stronger customer relationships vs. delivering more innovation in products and services.
  • Search Engine Watch ran a piece that used the 10-year anniversary of Google’s Panda algorithm to look at the future of SEO. It includes a good reminder graphic showing the role SEO plays at every step of the customer journey and how integral and valuable it is as part of an integrated marketing strategy.
  • Remember when Position Zero became the SEO Easter egg by winning the top of the page “featured snippet” position? Now, based on this Search Engine Land article, the featured snippet may be on its way to becoming a thing of the past.
  • Too good not to share:
  • We like the experimentation Old Spice is doing here. Using IRL to create stories for social media marketing by creating a studio to facilitate it all—in a barber shop!
  • This from MOZ: the impact Gen Z can bring to the business/marketing world (both from a consumer and worker POV)…Wondering how Millennials will feel as Gen Z starts to grab more of the headlines…probably a lot like Boomers did before them…wait, what about Gen X? Yes, what about them? [A little generational humor, brought to you by the Silent Generation.]

Do Good Spotlight: Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Trust Fund

This is a Pennsylvania-based fund created to increase awareness of the need for organ and tissue donations to help save lives. Learn about how these donations impact people from those whose lives have been transformed by giving and receiving these very special gifts.

I hope you enjoyed this issue. Let us know if there’s anything here you want to explore further for your business/brand. And in the meantime, stay strong and stay focused!

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Published On: 03/03/2021 / Categories: Perceptive Marketer /

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