Everything around us says it’s summer, including the 90° weather that started our week off hot here in the mid-Atlantic states. To help you keep your digital marketing cool, here are a few stories the DBE team surfaced to share this week:

  • With a continued focus on privacy, a cookie-less future for digital advertising is inevitable and will likely take effect in 2022 across most browsers. Without the use of cookies, cross-platform identification, targeting users by audience, and modeling multi-touch attribution will become increasingly difficult to accomplish with accuracy. It’s important prepare ahead of time by developing a first-party data or contextual advertising strategy, and here’s more about that from Search Engine Journal.
  • Here’s an interesting take on how AI can provide guidance for sales presentations and marketing creative. It’s a sponsored post from Oracle so read it with a grain of salt and also consider that for AI to work, it needs a lot of data to learn from.
  • How much time do you spend on your mobile device each day (not including voice usage)? Well, if you are an average US person aged 18+ the answer is around 4:​20.​ As in 4 hours and 20 minutes! eMarketer has data showing the growth caused by the pandemic in 2020. It also has data on mobile non-voice time—with projections that it will continue to increase post-pandemic. Which is why a mobile-friendly approach is going to be increasingly important for your digital marketing. Here’s the story.
  • How easy is it to find videographers for your projects? Well, it’s easier now. GigInk.com is a new match-up system for brands and video production companies and creators to find each other.
  • Have you every wished that you could take back something you said? Well, Twitter is finally allowing you to do that (within 5-10 seconds of posting) through their new subscription model, Twitter Blue. Subscribers will also be able to change color themes, categorize bookmarks, and more. Learn more here!
  • And more about Twitter—they’re testing out full screen ads on their platform.

Do Good Spotlight on: NOVA (Network of Victims Assistance)

We learned about NOVA through “Women Who Care-Bucks County.” NOVA provides a safe and child-friendly environment in which staff, law enforcement, child welfare, prosecution, victim advocacy, medical and mental health professionals collaborate to implement effective, coordinated investigations of suspected child abuse.

Here’s where you can learn more. As always, we donated to NOVA as this week’s spotlighted organization and encourage you to consider donating too.

That’s it for this week’s issue.  Have a great rest of the week, stay well, stay strong, stay focused!

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Published On: 06/09/2021 / Categories: Perceptive Marketer /

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