Here’s this week’s e-briefing to feed the digital marketer in you:

  • McKinsey put out an article this week on “The growth triple play: Creativity, analytics and purpose.” One of their key takeaways is companies who are leveraging even just one of these capabilities sees growth rates of 6%, and when they hit the trifecta, growth rates 12% — 2.​3x that of their peers who have not developed these capabilities.
  • Are you one of the 70% of US podcast listeners who fast forward through ads? Clearly you are not alone, but this data from eMarketer may make digital marketers hit pause on their spending in the channel.
  • Google may suspend merchant sites that have inaccurate stock availability on products. Important read for e-commerce clients.
  • It feels like Amazon has taken control of our shopping needs (and wallets), but retailers are fighting back. Will Amazon’s membership requirement limit their sales events compared to less exclusive retailers? We’re keeping our eyes peeled!
  • Google announced support for third-party cookies would be extended until late 2023 instead of their previous plan to block third-party cookies by 2022. This gives marketers more than a year extension from the previous plan to get ready for the big shift, including incorporating other data sources and technology solutions that adjust when cookies are deprecated and planning a first-party data strategy.

Do Good Spotlight on: Jason Raynor

Gun violence hit close to home for DBE this past week when Daytona Beach, Florida officer Jason Raynor was shot in the head in the line of duty by a seasoned criminal. It was all recorded on Jason’s body cam. A week later, Jason is still fighting for his life with the bullet lodged in his brain until his system stabilizes enough for a positive surgery outcome. We have team members who know Jason personally and this week’s do good shout out goes to Jason and his family, along with a donation to the GoFundMe set up to support him and his family, who flew to Florida and are staying by his side while he endures a medical coma awaiting surgery. Good energy and prayers are great donations too. Thanks…

Stay safe, stay strong, and enjoy the rest of the week.

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Published On: 06/30/2021 / Categories: Perceptive Marketer /

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