Can you beeeelieve it’s August?

The DBE team asked me to share a few items that have us talking here. Our client spotlight this week is on DBE’s new client, Viggi Kids, and our Do Good spotlight is shining on 10,000 Degrees.

Here’s this week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Digital Marketers:

DBE Client Spotlight on: Viggi Kids

What if there was a chair designed to help kids expend energy while staying seated, facilitating focus and learning? There is! It’s called the Vidget, and it was created and developed by Sandra Turner, CEO of DBE’s client Viggi Corporation. The Vidget is completely manufactured in the US and is fast becoming the furniture you’ll see not only in classrooms for kids with ADHD, but in mainstream classrooms too. And now, Vidgets are making their way into families’ home study areas and playrooms too.

Vidgets are made of solid, molded plastic, are designed to rock side to side without tipping over, and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. In fact, they start as small as 10” and go up to the sizes you’ll find in college libraries. If you’ve got people in your family that like to move while learning or playing, check out the Vidget. Added coolness: flip it and it’s a desk; flip it again and it’s a stool; flip it again and it’s a seat again. Awe-some!

Digital Marketing News…

  • Optimized targeting is a newly announced Google Ads feature that allows advertisers to reach people beyond those in their targeted audience for Display, Discovery, and some video campaigns. Optimized targeting expands to users that are likely to convert by creating a profile of what a converter looks like based on real-time conversion data. According to Google, ads see an average of 20% more conversions when using optimized targeting.
  • With a timely launch around World Emoji Day, (July 17) Messenger released Soundmojis. Users are not only be able to enjoy their emojis visually, but with audio too!
  • Podcasts with authors? Kathy Doyle, VP of Content at Macmillan Publishing, has been overseeing Macmillan’s growing podcasting business for a number of years, a true pioneer in the world of podcasting. She recently spoke with Doug Fraser of Podcast Movement about: metrics that go deeper than downloads; communicating production expectations to all your stakeholders; the beauty of short-form podcasts; and much more. Here’s the link.
  • Google advertising revenue has risen 69%. Want to know why?

Do Good Spotlight on: 10,000 Degrees

Supporting educational equity, 10,000 Degrees helps students from low-income backgrounds to get into and then graduate college. But that’s not all. This not-for-profit has an even bigger mission to help those graduates in turn help their communities. We love what they’re all achieving and so we are honoring them all with this shout out and a donation this week.

More Digital Marketing News…

  • Guess which company is driving the highest retail ecommerce sales growth in 2021. No, it’s not Amazon…they’re actually 4th on eMarketer’s list. And it’s not Chewy or Walmart either—they’re 3rd and 2nd respectively. Surprise! It’s Etsy, with an almost 27% increase!
  • Marketing Charts captured results of a Demand Gen Report on “Biggest B2B Marketing Measurement Challenges.” The data points to B2Bs having difficulty collecting and analyzing relevant data for decision making. E.​g.​, 51% of respondents say their biggest challenge is the “inability to connect and analyze data across applications and platforms.”
  • And last but not least, this about Google Shopping title practices.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s issue and that you get a chance to check out Viggi Kids, 10,000 Degrees, and the news we’ve shared. Have a great rest of the week and fingers crossed for wonderful weekend weather!

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