Do you have your digital marketing glasses on? Good, here’s your briefing for this week from the DBE team:

  • Ha! We weren’t ready to start talking marketing yet! Here’s the first time in 17 years Rolling Stone has compiled a list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time: Let the debating begin!

Okay, now we’re ready to talk marketing:

  • If you have been working with us in the Paid Search space, you’ve heard how we guide Google’s machine learning to optimize our campaigns for conversions. This Think with Google article provides additional uses for machine learning to help with behavioral modeling, attribution modeling, and even online-to-offline modeling. Of course, the key to leveraging machine learning is having enough data for it to learn from in the first place.
  • We often hear how companies are trying to create an ideal customer experience but how often do we hear about what a good data experience is within a company? Marketing Charts sheds light on what executives are looking for in a “great data experience” with data from an Experian survey. One of the keys elements is “data visualization tools to enable insights to be easily communicated.” Which is why we have been moving most of our clients to Google Data Studio dashboards.
  • TikTok is making major changes to their growing ad platform to make it safer, smoother and more expansive for advertisers.
  • Quick read, 3 organic search opportunities for local businesses.
  • The line between customer customization and privacy is as thin as a needle. If every person has different preferences, how do brands position themselves? Read this article from Search Engine Land for the latest in shaping brand identity in technologically turbulent times.

Do Good Spotlight on: Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice

The Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice is a lot of good all rolled into one for members of various communities but especially providing support to the LGBTQIA, BIPOC, and immigrant communities. Educational center, safe space, community engagement are just a few of the ways The Bayard Rustin center supports kids, families, schools, and the Princeton area. We donated to help them find and build out a new physical HQ since the one they used in Princeton, NJ is no longer available. There’s a lot going on with very limited resources, so if you can help, please do.

  • WordStream has a great recap of 8 recent and important Google Ads updates and we love the way they summarized them, so we’re sharing (also, big Schitt’s Creek fans so…you’ll see).
  •  This year’s Gallup Poll results on American’s trust in the media has hit an all-time low, with only 36% saying that have either “a great deal” or even a “fair amount” of trust in mass media. What does this say about the frameworks in which some of your marketing appears? Hmmm?

Well, that’s the marketing brain sparks for this week. Have a great rest of the week and make some good plans for the weekend if you can. Weather looks promising…at least that’s what the app is saying!

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Published On: 10/13/2021 / Categories: Perceptive Marketer /

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