Well, it’s been a busy few weeks, how have you been doing? We’ve got a few digital marketing items to share from our team and our do-good spotlight this week is on Passage Theatre of Trenton:

  • On December 1, Facebook announced it will be expanding eligibility for cryptocurrency ads to run on its platform. The number of regulatory licenses accepted were increased from 3 to 27, which will significantly increase the number of eligible advertisers. This update will bring Facebook a significant amount of new revenue as businesses in the space are hungry to advertise and users gain more interest in the industry.
  • “Find Your Flow.” That’s the new tagline in the new LEGO® ads targeting adults. It’s all about using LEGO® blocks to relax. Check out their new marketing campaign and the research that led to the campaign development here.
  • Speaking of finding your flow, are you looking for ways to expand your thinking and reframe your world, stay centered, better relate to others in 2022? We may have an interesting option. DBE’s client, the School for Practical Philosophy, is offering a free, 10-week, online introductory, interactive classes. Several of our team members have attended in the past and highly recommend this as a way to meet new people and explore life’s bigger questions.

Do Good Spotlight: Passage Theatre of Trenton

We tend to spotlight–and donate to–charities that focus on improving lives through health care, education, and support services. This week, we’re showcasing Passage Theatre for its contributions to the arts for Trenton and the surrounding area.

Passage Theatre Company is committed to creating and producing socially relevant new plays and arts programming that deeply resonate with and reflect the community. Through professional productions, educational programs, and community engagement, they present diverse perspectives and new voices that inspire audiences and invigorate the art of live theatre. Each production is a shared experience that audiences can carry into the world and use as a catalyst for inclusive conversation, connection, and change in the community.

We donated this week and here’s where you can learn more (and donate too).

  • Zoom is experimenting with advertising on its platform for meetings hosted by basic users.
  • MarTech published “Why Empathy is the Key to Successful Customer Engagement” and it includes great stats. For example, about 66% of consumers surveyed don’t believe brands care about their needs. And Forrester/Pegasystems Inc. data shows a projected 489% Return on Investment (ROI) for implementing empathy strategies. Good points to reflect on throughout the piece.

That’s it for this week. We hope our shares were helpful and that you take a look at Passage Theatre too.

Stay well and enjoy the season!

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