What’s your Thanksgiving looking like this year? Our guest list is still in flux so we will probably have too much, but that just means everyone takes home the leftovers—problem solved!

And speaking of problem solving, which we know automatically means “finding the opportunities,” here are a few articles I thought you would enjoy, because while November means Thanksgiving, it also means planning for the next year too. On that note, I thought these were good prompts for new thinking and new initiatives for you and your team for 2022:

  • You may have more influence over your employees (and family, and friends) than you realize. This TED Talk is about how what we say—and do—affects those around us.
  • This super smart article from Harvard Business Review talks about the career advantages of continuous learning, but it goes a few steps further with tips for unlearning, relearning, and co-learning. Great find, don’t miss it.
  • Do you have someone on your team who needs to sound more confident? These tips may be helpful to you in coaching them.
  • Inc. has a round up of great advice from 21 top business leaders. Enjoy!

Do Good Spotlight: Rolling Harvest

Are you familiar with Rolling Harvest? Their mission is simple, and they deliver on it: to increase access to donated fresh produce and other healthy foods to area hunger-relief sites that serve the at-risk, food-insecure population by providing local farmers and food producers with free, effective delivery and distribution of their surplus. How amazing is this? If you’re looking for another cause to connect with, this is a great addition. We donated and here are the many ways you and help Rolling Harvest.

That’s it, short and hopefully sweet! We’re taking a break ahead of the holiday next week, so look for our next issue on, dare I say it, Wednesday, December 1! December, how did we get to December!?!

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!

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