Let’s jump right in! Here are this week’s news shares for the digital marketer in you:

  • DuckDuckGo passes 100 billion searches. This is important because of growing concern with user privacy. This might pave the way for other search engines with a roadmap to chip away Google’s dominance. More here:
  • Can Facebook be as effective for B2B advertising as LinkedIn? In this article, Ian Maier does a great job highlighting the strengths and weakness of each platform and how they can be utilized in conjunction to extend reach and get in front potential customers more consistently.
  • Reverse-chronological feeds are making their way back to Instagram users this year. The question is: will people want to give up the algorithmic feed that knows them so well? Read Social Media Today’s viewpoint and let us know yours.
  • MarTech published this summary article of a new book coming out next month called “Empathy in Action.” The book “argues that empathy is key to solving CX and EX (employee experience) challenges” and provides guidance on how to generate tangible empathy-based business value.
  • Here’s some news that is initially surprising but when you think about it – not. The headline is “Social Media Forecast to Overtake TV in Ad Spend This Year.” The news is based on the projected growth rates of ad spends in digital channels in general with social media specifically leading the way.

Do Good Spotlight: Wikipedia

You know that massive website you often end up on when searching for info? Did you remember that mega encyclopedia is volunteer run? I think we sometimes forget Wikipedia is a not for profit. If you use it, consider supporting it with a donation. We did. Felt good. You can learn more here: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

That’s it for this week: short, sweet, and hopefully helpful! Have a great rest of the week.

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Published On: 01/19/2022 / Categories: Perceptive Marketer /

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