Good for you for navigating everything going on in our world and bringing your best self to your work. Here are a few stories that caught my attention this week that I want to share with you:

  • I had the good fortune to be a guest on the Dan Nestle Show back on December 7. It went live last week and it was great to hear the conversation as a listener. In fact, a lot of what Dan and I talked about was better business through relationships, and relationships start with really listening. If you enjoy this episode, I guarantee you’re going to love other segments of this casual conversations podcast with a Dan who is a truly gifted interviewer.

Do Good Spotlight on: Montclair Helps

Ray Graj of Graj & Gustavsen, Inc. told us about a local not-for-profit in Montclair, NJ that is doing a lot of good by supporting several other not-for-profits with “fast, relief at critical moments for long-term impact.” The concept is to bridge the gap with support for people who may be fully employed but still economically vulnerable, the ones you read about who are “one unexpected expense away from devastation.” They don’t qualify for government assistance and that’s where Montclair Helps steps in. We were moved by their compassion and ability to move quickly, so we wanted to feature them here and we made a donation too. You can learn more here.

  • Nick Routley has a quick view of “giants that rule the Internet,” looking at leading companies from 1998 to now. Do you agree with the choices? I’m having a hard time seeing Yahoo in the top ranks now, but that could be my search engine bias showing through. Thoughts? 
  • Are you concerned about inflation? You’re not alone (I know you knew that already). This piece from The Wall Street Journal, according to a survey of 900 global CEOs, conducted by Conference Board, more than half of the CEOs expect price pressures to persist until at least mid-2023 after having registered as a low-level worry in the year-ago survey. Labor shortages are among the other concerns. What are others you’re hearing among your high-flying colleagues? 
  • With so many workers in play right now, hiring right is more important than ever. Anne Marie Squeo, CEO and founder of Proof Point Communications, and a former Pulitzer Prize-winning business journalist, shares the one question she always asks and what the answers mean for improving her right-hire percentages.

Did any of these spark new thinking for you? Were there tips and insights that helped? I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly and that the weekend provides opportunities for recharging.

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Published On: 01/26/2022 / Categories: Niki's Notes /

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