Hope you’ve got some good plans for the weekend—it’s officially autumn! But right now, it’s still workin’ time, so here are a few stories that made me think of you. Hope they spark new thinking or validate some of what you’re already doing to help your business, your team, and your clients/customers:

  • So many women leaders feel the need to improve their “executive presence” based on direct and indirect feedback they get. But who’s doing the evaluating, and what biases filter into those perceptions. This article from Chief raises questions to help us reconsider what we mean and how to help talent elevate in authentic ways.
  • This is a brilliant look at what needs to improve with our media outlets. What do you think? Agree mostly, disagree mostly? Divided like crazy? Would love to hear your thoughts. I appreciate the author, Nick Routley, taking the time to make this snackable.
  • With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, I thought this who’s who infographic was a quick way of catching up on the pecking order.

Noteworthy 🖋
Fratelli Carli USA

I was impressed with the products and ethics of Fratelli Carli before they became a client of DBE earlier this year. In thinking about this feature, I realized I usually point you to B2B companies that will be most relevant for your business. This week, I want to showcase Fratelli Carli, a company that is a consumer and e-commerce brand for a few reasons, not in any particular order.

#1, they do an amazing job of walking the walk when it comes to sustainability initiatives. They were the first B-Corp in Italy, in part because of their demonstrable commitment to respecting people and the planet. You can learn more about those here, and perhaps they’ll spark some ideas for you.

#2, I recently purchased Fratelli Carli gift baskets for my team, they were a big hit. You can treat someone special (could be you) to a gift basket or other treats too. Today’s the first day of autumn, hmmmm, is pasta in a delicious sauce/gravy on your menu?

  • Do you ever feel like you’re being too patient? I don’t know who needs to see this, but there’s a scene in “The Offer,” the short series on Paramount Plus about the making of “The Godfather” that caught my full attention. The character Charles Bluhdorn says: “Money has no patience.” Not sure if I agree with it, long-term investing is patient for sure, and yet…
  • The flip side of quiet quitting: what to do about it as a leader. This from Ellevate offers perspectives and tips for you as the boss. From my perspective, I don’t think many of us realize how much has changed over the last few years and how hard that is for people to process. It’s affecting mental health, physical health, and, then of course, motivations. We’re seeing the effects en masse “at work”, but there’s the personal side to this that we as leaders have been traditionally conditioned to ignore… “don’t bring your problems to work.” But when work lives and personal lives blend and the home side is suffering, perhaps we owe it to ourselves to let our compassion as leaders cross some old lines, too.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 All Hands and Hearts 🌟

Kentucky faced devastating floods this past July. To help those affected, All Hands and Hearts puts all hands on deck to offer relief. They are helping remove debris and repair homes damaged by the intense flooding. Now the people of Puerto Rico are reeling from Hurricane Fiona, and All Hands and Hearts is there, too. Learn how you can help: https://www.allhandsandhearts.org/

Okay, enough reading for now. Get out there and pick some pumpkins, drink some apple cider, and watch the leaves do their thing!

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