Get this: “Septem” means “seven” in Latin, and it was the seventh month in the Roman calendar. Now, why September became the 9th month of our calendar is beyond me 🤷‍♀️.… But back to business, we have an informative (AKA juicy) issue for you today!

  • With impending Big Tech Reform from the Biden Administration, advertisers and ad platforms are on their toes. eMarketer does a really good job with the lowdown, so I’ll let them tell it. 🔏
  • Do you have an Amazon Prime, Netflix and/or Hulu subscription? If so, you are among the 83% of US Adults who do. If not, maybe this data will give you FOMO. eMarketer shows just how strong growth in the streaming service market has been over the past decade.
  • There are times when someone anticipating your needs is nice… like your coworker grabbing your favorite coffee without you asking. Welp, as much as we want it in real life, Gen Z doesn’t seem to like it from ads. Retargeting has been reported more “creepy” than “cool” in this Marketing Charts (But is this really a surprise?)
  • 🚨 REBRAND ALERT 🚨 Google ad extensions are getting a new name. Ready for this? They will be called… assets! You can see this change populate Google Ads in the next few weeks.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 All Hands and Hearts 🌟

Kentucky faced devastating floods this past July. To help those affected, All Hands and Hearts puts all hands on deck to offer relief. They are helping remove debris and repair homes damaged by the intense flooding. Now the people of Puerto Rico are reeling from Hurricane Fiona, All Hands and Hearts is there, too. Learn how you can help:

  • Meta is merging content moderation teams for ad content and central integrity. What this means for you:
    • Business and everyday users will receive the same customer support treatment.
    • Meta will hold both everyday and business users to the same content standards.
  • Google has updated YMYL (your money or your life) guidelines for websites. In short, they want to ensure websites are providing trustworthy and reputable content to help users quickly get to relevant content when it comes to these topics. This aligns with the “helpful content” algorithm update recently implemented as well as E-A-T (expertise-authoritative-trust) signals Google likes to see. 👍
    • PS: For more on E-A-T, check out the origins of E-A-T 20 years ago written by Mike Grehan (who Marc worked with while serving on the Board of SEMPO).

Whenever I say goodbye on a Zoom call, I think of this Laurel and Hardy skit. I hope it makes you smile on your next call. 😁

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