I hope you’re ready for all the spice autumn has in store for us. No theme this week, just an eclectic collection of stories I found interesting from a leadership perspective to share with you as you navigate your way through everything you and your team are encountering…

  • I always am amazed by creative people, especially kids, who see passed challenges to manifest their dreams. Though sad, this story inspires me. On the one hand, kids don’t know enough to argue themselves out of challenges. On the other hand, this kid is extraordinary no matter how you look at his life.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 PennFuture 🌟

Clean energy. I feel we hear those words a lot these days, but how can we change our economy for green initiatives? PennFuture is leading the “transition to a clean energy economy in Pennsylvania and beyond.” Not only are they working for a carbon neutral economy, but they protect green and wild places for new generations. See what they’re up to: https://www.pennfuture.org/

  • Is your organization committed to hiring neurodivergent employees? This article from Microsoft features a website designed to help you do just that.
  • For people with anxiety issues, this latest research may hold answers for controlling intrusive thoughts.
  • I suspect you’re already familiar with “the languages of love” and have maybe even taken a quiz or two on this topic. But would you like to learn more about the originator and how the five languages have been put to use helping save relationships? If yes, click here.

Noting for You 🖋
Growth 1776

Have you heard about this company yet? Growth 1776 is an advisory firm focused on profit maximization through close examination of gross profit by product or service, gross profit by customer, pricing, and operating expenses. They focus on bringing strength to small to mid-size businesses market, leveraging the partners’ backgrounds in Big 4 accounting and Fortune 1000 businesses. Their goal is to improve net income by 50% in 4 1/2 months. Best part? They are paid out of the money they save your business—no upfront fee. How sweet is that? Check them out https://growth1776.com/ and let me know if you’d like an introduction.

  • Researcher Nicholas Epley found that only 7% of people said they would talk to a stranger in a waiting room and only 24% said they would talk to a stranger on a train. Why are the numbers so low? Because people don’t think the encounters will be enjoyable. But, apparently, those assumptions are incorrect. For more on the research and to maybe help you open up a bit, check this out. Special note: I landed DBE’s first big client, Johnson & Johnson, by striking up a conversation in a Saab dealership waiting room. So, um, ya, I believe good things come from talking with strangers. 😊
  • The Points Guy says these are the best US Airlines. Agree?

Ta da, that’s all for this week. Hope the rest of your week runs smoothly and that you have a great weekend. Stay strong, stay focused, and keeping doing you because we don’t have anyone else like you!

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