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We’ve got lots of digital marketing tea to spill this week, ‘specially in the social media realm. Ready. Set. Read!

  • LinkedIn Learnings:
    • LinkedIn Message ads are being sunsetted. 🌆 The LI inbox is being revamped into separate inboxes (kinda like gmail ads), so the platform is swapping out that ad format for 2 new ones: Conversation and Click-to-Message Ads.
    • 90% of marketers want to work in a company with values that align to their own. In fact, 8 out of 10 people surveyed by LinkedIn want that. Learn why from LinkedIn Workforce Insights.
    • Are you optimizing your LinkedIn content for B2B marketing? Of the 6 tips MarTech provides, we like utilizing content marketing to establish credibility for your company as a whole.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Smile Farms 🌟

Smile Farms has become a nonprofit leader in creating meaningful jobs in agricultural settings for adults with developmental disabilities, almost none of whom have worked before.Their founding story is super sweet, too. Jim McCann, Founder/Chairman of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., had a brother living in Independent Group Living Home (IGHL), a residence for people with developmental disabilities, so he teamed up with the home’s CEO, Walter Stockton, to create this program. Learn more about what they’re doing: Smile Farms.

  • Ahhh… content marketing… what a broad concept. Here are 10 things Marketing Pro Pulse recommends for your business’ content marketing strategy.
  • The March 2023 CMO Survey Highlights and Insights report is definitely worth a look. Some tidbits for thought:
    • The majority of brands surveyed (54.9%) consider themselves positioned as a “premium” brand.
    • Firms are spending the majority of their budget on short-term performance (59.9%) vs. long-term brand building (40.1%) but say they ideally want to have a more balanced mix.
  • We can’t seem to keep our eyes off Twitter. As Twitter begins to allow more types of speech, shadow bans will now have transparency. A little pop-up will show that the visibility is limited if a tweet violates any of the platform’s Hateful Conduct rules.
  • Which of the biggest ecommerce companies will grow the fastest in 2023 and 2024? 🤔Hint 1: It’s not Amazon, which is ranked 4th. Hint 2: Honk if you love ecommerce! Hint 3: Woof!

Hold on. *catches breath* That was a lot! Hope you got some good knowledge out of it. Anyways, enjoy your week!


If you’re into sassy humor and you don’t know about Wendy’s National Roast Day, you gotta get on that. This year, they had some zingers on TikTok. Here are my faves:

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