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I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental music lately. In high school, I probably would have scoffed at myself. What is music without lyrics to sing along with? The thing about instruments… they share emotion without the limitation of language. Words have associated meanings, connotations, that sharpen the focus of a piece. While we love a plot served on a silver platter, lyric-less music empowers us to choose our own meanings and storylines.

What if we thought of life that way? We choose how we interpret events. We don’t have to live in the confines of society’s interpretation of life, unless we choose to do so.

Now, let’s zoom back to the ground before I get too far up in the thought clouds. Digital marketing, here we come! 👟


  • Trust is the most important factor that influences decisions to choose a brand or item; even more so for adults 55+. While this might not be surprising, we could not help but notice the parallel of this data with the importance of “trust” as a ranking factor for both SEO and SAIO (search AI optimization). It is, after all, one of the four E-E-A-T search quality standards we’ve been talking about here and on our blog.
  • Speaking of SAIO, Marketing Charts captured data from a recent Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs survey of B2B marketers. Some marketers are shifting their SEO content strategies “due to AI integration into search engines.”
    Note: 28% said they were not making any shifts and 26% were not sure if they were making shifts. The shifts mentioned align with DBE’s approach to SAIO vs. traditional SEO content. However, SAIO success requires content shifts plus technical changes to the website and off-website trust (there’s that word again) signals from links and relevant social activity.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Lasagna Love 🌟

Sometimes charity causes may seem overwhelming. Saving the world is a big task. Lasagna Love helps bring the world-changing to your kitchen. Lasagna Love volunteers sign up to cook a lasagna and deliver it to a family in need. That’s it. Just old-fashioned love spread through a warm, hearty meal. Learn more about their mission: Lasagna Love.

Digital Marketing

  • Advertisers and Google might not have to worry about ChatGPT stealing too much of the search market share, at least for now. Spoiler alert, Google is still the dominant platform–ChatGPT only has 2% of Google’s monthly traffic.
  • If you have a pet, you’d probably say they’re a part of the family. Retail Dive says that pets are viewed as family members more than ever before. Some people are spending more time buying for their pets than certain family members! I think this is a step in a great direction. If we view pets with respect, maybe it will spread to animals outside the household. 🙂
  • AI asset generation for Google Ads? Yup. It’s another feature for Performance Max. While this is a great feature for brands that don’t have a design team, we should watch out for automating too many things. Who wants to see countless ads devoid of human creative flare? We’ll have to see who wins the ad design contest. Person or robot.

That’s a wrap for today. Keep on keepin’ on WHW crew.

Peace ✌️


Classic advice to live by:

  • Walk to the beat of your own drum. 🥁
  • Dance like nobody’s watching. 💃
  • Send our WHW signup link to your friends. 📧

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