Marketers are hearing a lot about Snapchat and naturally they want to find out if it’s right for their brands.

Nadine Goerke, Manager of Search and Social Programs here at DBE, developed a snappy (couldn’t resist) take on who uses Snapchat, why and how they use it, and how advertisers can use it to reach audiences.  She also helps decide if it’s a smart option for marketing your brand, and highlights the costs associated with embracing the platform.

Whether you’re thinking of using it for engagement or advertising, be sure to check out DBE’s POV on SlideShare where you’ll find Nadine’s expertise packaged up neatly in an easy-to-digest PowerPoint.

If the POV raises questions or you want to bat some ideas around for how Snapchat can work for your brand, reach out to schedule a time to talk.

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Published On: 11/09/2016 / Categories: POVs & Blogs, Press Releases / Tags: /

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