What’s going on in the wonderful world of digital marketing? A lot, as always! Happy Spring, and here are the news stories we wanted to share this week:

  • FLoC is coming! Here’s what you need to know, well laid out by George Nguyen for Search Engine Land.
  • YouTube advertising is a great way to build brand awareness for any size business. As more households ditch cable and move to streaming services, reaching customers with video has become easier than ever with any size budget. In the US, over 120 million people streamed YouTube or YouTube TV on their TV screens in December 2020. As YouTube CTV viewership continues to grow, it’s helping brands reach new audiences and achieve better results.
  • Google’s CMO shares 5 enduring lessons from the pandemic including “Stay true to who you are,” “Empathy, always,” and “Be human.” There is also an example of a well-being manifesto that starts with “It’s ok to…”
  • In a separate but related bit of news, PROPHET released its 2021 Brand Relevance Index and it’s interesting to see how they observed five areas of focus the highest performers have in common as they continually reinvent themselves to stay relevant: Comfort, Connection, Joy, Truth and Purpose.
  • Nancy Duarte is one of the best speakers we’ve ever seen recently keynoted at MarTech about “how to tell stories using data.” As Duarte said, “Data doesn’t speak for itself, it needs a good storyteller.” Everyone who needs to present data to others, especially those who aren’t as steeped in data analytics as we are, should read this recap for tips on how to tell your data story to drive action.
  • With customers spending 30% more time listening to spoken-word audio, it is a white-hot marketing tool. Branded short-form audio combines simple visuals with an audio message to create a unique way to communicate with an audience. It is also becoming prevalent on smart-assist devices. Learn more here.
  • I was recently invited to be a founding member of Women in PPC, and of course I said “Yes!” To learn about this new organization, whose mission is to help women working in the paid search arena learn from and help each other, visit here.
  • Twitter’s not for everyone, but these stats from HootSuite show where the newsy social media platform is growing and how it’s current stats break down.

Do Good Spotlight: Charity Navigator

Slight twist this week…instead of donating to a typical not-for-profit, this week we donated to the not-for-profit we frequently rely on to vet the organizations we feature in our Do Good Spotlight: Charity Navigator.

They’ve increased the number of not-for-profits they evaluate from 9,000 to 160,000 via their new rating system, Encompass, and, as of October 14, 2020, begun rating impact. Donations to Charity Navigator are tax deductible and help increase the depth and breadth of these ratings, making them even more useful in philanthropic decision making. Here’s where to learn more about Charity Navigator and if so moved, to donate as we did.  

We hope the rest of the week rolls along in your favor. Enjoy!

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