Short week for a lot of folks….

We’ve got smart posts to keep your digital marketing neurons firing, and our Do Good Spotlight this week is a double feature. One light shines on The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an organization I’ve supported for years. The other is on an organization that gives for you…

  • As Alexa, Siri and other apps continue to proliferate what can be managed by “Hey…” commands, it is interesting to note there appears to be a limit to what people will do by voice. According to a recent eMarketer Chart of the Day, a majority of US adults have no interest in voice shopping. If you disagree, speak now…
  • Looking to improve your website conversions? Search Engine Watch offers four ways to use your website data to discover missed opportunities, including analysis of your Google Analytics exit pages, using Google Tag Manager debugging mode to check your form completions, and creating a page-value hierarchy that aligns with your expected conversion funnel. One thing it doesn’t mention is leveraging all the above to create remarketing campaigns to motivate conversion completion (that’s our value add!).
  • Interesting feature to keep an eye on that YouTube is experimenting with…especially for e-commerce marketers. Read more about it here and here:
  • Do you feel that sometimes you blink and all the social media platforms have changed instantaneously? But… #DontWorry #WeGotchu with this new 2021 social media image sizing guide from Hootsuite ?
  • Micro-moments are intent-rich moments when decisions are made, and preferences shaped. They happen when people reflexively view videos while waiting for the bus, look up recipe ideas for dinner between meetings, or check social notifications while in line at the store checkout. With people habitually turning to their phones 63 times per day, there is plenty of opportunity for brands to let themselves be known and address their customers’ needs.

Do Good Spotlight: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NMEC) & Amazon Smile

We’ve featured NCMEC in the past and are always impressed with how they leverage the latest technologies and strategies for working with law enforcement and others to keep kids and teens safe from predators. We donated again this week and suggest you check out the good works they’re doing. Perhaps you’ll choose to make a donation too. Learn more here.

And while we’re on the subject of helping others, did you know that you can set your browser to go to Amazon Smile instead of Amazon to make your online purchases? What’s the difference? Nothing as far as your shopping experience goes. Everything to a charity you support. With Amazon Smile, you choose a charity that Amazon will donate to every time you make a purchase. You shop and purchase as you’ve always done. The only difference? When you’re in Amazon Smile and make your purchase, a portion of your purchase price goes to your charity. Seamlessly. How much does it cost you? Nothing. What better way is there to donate to a favorite not for profit?  Here’s how to learn more about Amazon Smile.

Well, that’s it for this week. The team and I hope this read was a quick and easy respite and that the rest of the week is smooth sailing! Enjoy!

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