This week I’m sharing articles I’ve found talking about returning to office spaces as well as other pieces that captured my attention.

On the “Working from home—where do we go from here?” front, there are so many opinions flying around, and some good data too. These first 3 articles may help shape your perspectives and give you some new factors to consider and you lead your team forward:

  • This one was shared by Jessica Perry, and it’s from the NY Times. It’s titled “Languishing” and is focused on the malaise many are experiencing in the time since the early days of the pandemic and the much-hoped-for “all clear” that medicines are working towards. But there are some super perspectives for those of you managing others (and yourself) for how to combat the languishing that hurts productivity and mental health.
  • This piece from The Wall Street Journal talks about the various options for what working from home may look like as offices open back up for workers. Great chart from Pew Research on the options that are most favored by employees too.
  • Ever heard of Nicholas Bloom? You will. He’s experiencing a bit of delayed fame. He’s a Stanford University economics professor. He conducted a study published in 2017 about working from home…and it was pretty much ignored. Now he’s a globally sought-after expert on the topic because, well, just look at us. This is a great piece on him and his research from Business Insider.
  • Okay, this one from The New Yorker was literally a perspective piece, but not about Covid. It’s shared anonymously by a woman whose company (employer) is about to go public, and she’s on the verge of becoming very wealthy. Why am I sharing this? Because I was fascinated by her generational commentary and, frankly, I’d love to “win” $6 million too. Here you go.

Do Good Spotlight: Doctors Without Borders

Nothing short of miracle workers, Doctors Without Borders is an independent, global movement providing medical aid where it’s needed most. We were prompted to feature—and donate to—them again by the health crises around the world. As the US begins to see real progress with our vaccines (50% of American adults have had at least their first of two shots), other parts of the world are still suffering greatly. Here’s where you can learn about Doctors Without Borders and perhaps be inspired to help them work those miracles.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Please suggest not-for-profits you want us to feature in upcoming issues. Featured organizations receive donations, so if you have a charitable organization to suggest, don’t hold back! ?

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