I hope you’re having a good week. There’s so much going on, so here’s a quick coffee-break read to help you stay current on what’s hot in marketing analytics, search engine, and social media marketing brought to you by team DBE:

  • Marketing Charts has compiled data from a variety of sources looking at “Mobile vs. Desktop: Visits and Search Trends.” An interesting dichotomy among the data points is that mobile now drives 61% of US website visits but mobile visitors have the lowest number of pageviews. Smart digital marketers will want to pay attention to their website “landing pages” from a mobile user experience perspective to maximize conversion-oriented actions…
  • Speaking of UX, Search Engine Watch published an article this week on “UX: an important SEO ranking factor.” It’s a good reminder that Google is looking at a variety of quality signals (including link signals, social signals, and UX signals) to help align the top listings in the SERPs with searcher’s intent and thereby improve the search experience.
  • Does influencer marketing work? How do you know? Think with Google has some suggestions.
  • Google has launched a new feature globally to help businesses stay on top of emerging trends. The new Insights page in Google Ads surfaces industry specific trends to help advertisers stay on top of demand for trending products and services. Knowing which search terms are trending and including them in a keyword strategy can help businesses get noticed by potential customers.
  • How much of online content goes unseen? How has the pandemic impacted brand loyalty? Get the answers to these questions wrapped up in fun infographics in this Marketing Week article about brand loyalty.
  • This opinion piece by Susan Dolan says Google deserves no sympathy for third-party cookie death because they’ve still got oodles20 (oodles to the 20th power—maybe more) of data.

Do Good Spotlight: Doctors Without Borders

Nothing short of miracle workers, Doctors Without Borders is an independent, global movement providing medical aid where it’s needed most. We were prompted to feature—and donate to—them again by the health crises around the world. As the US begins to see real progress with our vaccines (50% of American adults have had at least their first of two shots), other parts of the world are still suffering greatly. Here’s where you can learn about Doctors Without Borders and perhaps be inspired to help them work those miracles.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Please suggest not-for-profits you want us to feature in upcoming issues. Featured organizations receive donations, so if you have a charitable organization to suggest, don’t hold back! ?

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