I hope your week is going smoothly. We’ve got a few stories to feed your inner digital marketer–let’s jump right in:

  • Writing high quality content that converts is no easy task. In this article, Frank Hamilton outlines an effective process to help content creators write posts that convert traffic into clients.
  • Econsultancy shares an interview with Snug’s CEO on the CX of buying a sofa during lockdown. One interesting facet is how they repurposed their brick-and-mortar showrooms, which were closed to the public, into “stages” for streaming and connecting with potential purchasers. Snug expects to continue this multi-functional, hybrid dimension even when the doors are open again.
  • Here’s a Moz tale (aka blog) on “Long Tail SEO in 2021.” The skinny is that Google’s advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has exploded the volume of long tail searches while at the same imploded the need for labored SEO to gain long tail keyword rankings for related variants.For example, Google now essentially equates “improve” and “increase” in SERPs for “how do you improve domain authority” and “how do I increase my domain authority” searches. DBE’s strategic approach to SEO has always included a mix of long tail keywords based on relevance to our client’s content and goals and these advancements only further validate the value and success of our work.
  • Good news: a story of reprieve in the pandemonium. New business openings in Q1 shot up compared to last year. Even through the challenges and capacity restrictions, economic recovery is lightly drumming in the distance. Read this article from Yelp to add some positive outlook to your day.
  • Google announced last Tuesday that The Target CPA (tCPA) and Target ROAS (tROAS) Smart Bidding strategies will be bundled with the Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value bid strategies, respectively. Here’s more from Search Engine Land.

Do Good Spotlight: Princeton-Blairstown Center & Spring Into Action

Princeton-Blairstown center empowers students through experiences in wilderness settings or otherwise away from the patterns and distractions of their everyday physical, emotional, and social environments. These experiences can be fundamentally transforming, opening individuals up to their amazing potential.  There’s still time to sign up for the “Spring Into Action” walk, see here.

 Donating cash or making donations for much-needed items from the link to Amazon.com are always appreciated too. DBE contributed this week to this unique organization working hard to help kids see the opportunities they may have missed.

The team and I hope this was a good read and that the rest of your week goes smoothly. Enjoy!

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