Generally, LOVE working from home, but today’s issue was produced while surrounded by lots of hammering. Combine a generator installation with a mini facelift for the kitchen and you have LOTS OF HAMMERING! Thankfully, it’s a one-day event. Whew! Here are a few stories I hope you can enjoy over a quiet cup of coffee or tea:


  • On a related note, Owlthena’s parent company, Digital Brand Expressions, has a client that provides a free philosophy course, 10 weeks, 1 day a week, live with other students from around the country (and often from other parts of the world) to help re-frame our reality with simple, yet deep, “go to” frameworks for life’s challenges. You can learn more about the School of Practical Philosophy and their intro course here. I’ve taken it and absolutely loved it. Others at DBE are taking it this semester, which just started, and are similarly impressed (and grateful).


  • Are women getting bad advice in business? This article from Harvard Business Review thinks so. I understand the basis for much of this advice but agree with the authors that it’s time for a re-evaluation. I especially agree with #1 in a corporate setting—find a champion or 2, yes! My best champion was a male boss when I was early in my career at a F500. He did a wonderful job of helping me to modify my approach to fit corporate expectations while helping me to push every envelope there was to push to overturn sexist barriers. Oh, and I never liked #5: don’t fake it, ask for help when you need it and just do your best. (See also, The 4 Agreements.)

Do Good Spotlight: Princeton-Blairstown Center & Spring Into Action

Princeton-Blairstown center empowers students through experiences in wilderness settings or otherwise away from the patterns and distractions of their everyday physical, emotional, and social environments. These experiences can be fundamentally transforming, opening individuals up to their amazing potential.  There’s still time to sign up for the “Spring Into Action” walk, see here.

Donating cash or making donations for much-needed items from the link to Amazon.com are always appreciated too. DBE contributed this week to this unique organization working hard to help kids see the opportunities they may have missed.

That’s it for today. Going to take a walk in the quiet sunshine and am wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.

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