There’s lots going on in the world of digital marketing–it never sleeps! Here’s what the DBE team thought you’d want to know about and give some thought to this week:

  • There are all kinds of creative and Fast Company’s 2021 list of the most creative takes that to new heights. How can you not be inspired by these folks? Here’s the full list.
  • Google has new rules for podcasts to show up in its recommendations. Podcasts can still show in the engine and sign subscribers, but those failing to follow the new rules won’t garner recommendations from Google.
  • Paywalls are increasing. What will they mean for access to information and hearing beyond the echo chamber?
  • Twitter is adding a new shopping feature for brands
  • As we move closer to a cookie-less world, Google is encouraging advertisers to utilize their Google Analytics 4 (GA4) product. Similar to Universal Google Analytics, GA4 is a free version of Google’s analytics and reporting platform, but with added features. One of the biggest benefits is that GA4 uses machine learning instead of cookies to track users, which ensures that customer data can still be collected after the cookie crumbles. It’s best to begin creating GA4 accounts sooner rather than later, so when cookies are completely dropped, advertisers have a good amount of historical data available to use.
  • Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, has a guest article in Search Engine Watch titled “Why killing your content marketing makes sense.” Don’t worry, he’s not really saying you shouldn’t be doing content marketing. He just suggests you slow your roll out of additional content channels and kill off underperforming channels first. His less is more strategy is worth considering.

Do Good Spotlight on: Doctors Without Borders

Since 1971, Doctors Without Borders brings medical aid where it’s needed most. It is an independent, neutral, impartial organization whose mission is simple: save lives. Since it’s founding, DWB has treated tens of millions of people. We are proud to feature this organization this week and donated too. Here’s where you can learn more and explore ways to support them.

  • Here’s a nerdy-ish blog post on “How Google Analytics Decides Attribution Tracking.” It includes some discussion of Google’s process and biases in terms of multi-touch modeling. Bottom line, it is important to use UTM tracking codes where possible to tell Google where traffic is actually coming from. The mnemonic they use for UTM: U Tell Me.
  • We’re not done with the Olympics yet…So how much does an ad cost on the Olympics? How much does it cost to sponsor the Olympics? Read this article from Ad Age to get the answers.

Okay, that’s enough brain food for this week! We hope you enjoyed this issue, and remember, if you have not-for-profits you’d like us to feature—and donate to—let us know. Have a great rest of this week!

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Published On: 08/18/2021 / Categories: Perceptive Marketer /

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