We hope 2022 is being good to you and that you’re gaining momentum as the new year kicks in.

Here are the digital marketing stories the DBE team wanted to make sure I shared with you this week:

  • Search Engine Land reported this week that Google launched a “Shops” section in mobile search results. Note this is different from paid Shopping Ads as these listings are based on organic search rankings. While this is only available for select shopping related queries now, it adds an additional consideration and rationale for optimizing retailer/e-tailer websites to gain competitive visibility on the SERPs.
  • Search Engine Watch addresses misconceptions about some of Google’s algorithm updates in 2021 and cautions not to over-react to each of them. Two notes are on Core Web Vitals and Google’s Title Tag Rewrite initiative. Bottom line, optimizing web pages with relevant content and tags remains key to SEO success in 2022.
  • Meta (Facebook) is removing targeting options for sensitive topics on January 19. A statement from the company reads: ‘”We will be removing some Detailed Targeting options because they relate to topics people may perceive as sensitive, such as targeting options relating to causes, organizations, or public figures that relate to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation,” Meta said in the announcement.’
  • A common question brands have is, “Can you stop bidding on brand terms and rely purely on organic rankings?” In this article George Nguyen shares his experience and a case study about search incrementality and the steps he uses to evaluate the impact of paid campaigns working in tandem with organic efforts.

Do Good Spotlight on: Oscar’s Place

We loved what we learned about this donkey rescue mission and the good work they’re doing to help these lovable animals get a second chance. Special thanks to Erika Kotite for telling us about Oscar’s Place. We donated and here’s where you can learn more and donate too.

  • TikTok is launching restaurants to deliver viral food trends right to your door! Check out the inner workings of this intriguing idea.
  • Marketing Week’s written a piece about trends for 2022 and brand growth is just one of them. Learn how brands like Next and Airbnb are using brand-focused campaigns to drive growth.

That’s a wrap on the first issue for 2022. Here’s to, cheers to, a great year!

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