Hope everyone has been enjoying the balmy weather. Nothin’ like the early summer sun to perk you up! Speaking of perking up, we know you’ve been itching to hear the latest digital marketing news, so let’s get to it!

  • ? Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes ? … are coming to Google Ads. Here’s what ya gotta know:
    • Google will be allowing users to reuse audiences across campaigns.
    • Name changes will be taking place… including switching “remarketing” to “your data”
    • Google is consolidating audience metrics to a new Audience tab in the left-hand navigation.
  • The good news is that SEO is not dead. ?
    The bad news is that “black-hat” SEO isn’t. ?
    In this Search Engine Journal article, learn about the pitfalls of schema stuffing (gross) and reinforce leveraging SEO to help Google “see” the relevance of your content (AKA real SEO).
  • Twitter is in the news yet again for a less favorable reason… The company was fined $150 million for misusing private info. More info here.
  • Continuing on the privacy protection crusade, Facebook is paying Illinois residents checks of US$397 because the company was taking and saving digital scans of resident’s faces without permission.

Do Good Spotlight

? Clean Air Task Force ?

The Clean Air Task Force is working to decarbonize the global energy system to address climate change. They push the change in technologies and policies needed to get to a zero-emissions, high-energy planet at an affordable cost. They imagine a world where the energy needs of all people are met efficiently without damaging the atmosphere. We donated to help support them and here’s where you can learn more:

  • Search Engine Watch tells us that a SEO content strategy should start with the 3 awareness stages of online audiences: awareness, consideration, and decision. In addition, you should be aligning your SEO reporting KPIs with these stages to demonstrate the direct and assisted value of your SEO efforts.
  • Emarketer reports TikTok is projected to overtake YouTube (albeit barely) in terms of daily time spent on the app. Meanwhile, the Executive Summary of Emarketer’s Report on TikTok Advertising shows an 184% increase in Net Ad Revenues in 2022 but that TikTok is only getting 1.4% of the digital advertising spending pie. What’s the real story? Decide for yourself in the articles above.

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