I hope you had a good weekend and are already planning for the next one. The items I’m sharing are all about supporting yourself and your team members in a variety of ways. Please let me know if you want to talk about any of these or feel free to share when you see this posted on social platforms…

  • June is Pride Month here in the US. I like Anna Ehlenberger’s LinkedIn post that starts with a brief history of the movement that got us to today and how companies of any size can demonstrate their support of their LGBTQIA employees and other stakeholders all year long. BTW, the article contains great stats on the LGBTQIA community for those of you into the numbers and the stories they tell.


  • As someone who’s struggled with weight issues most of my adult life, I’m well read about the scientific breakthroughs proving it goes well beyond will power to lose weight. There are so many factors involved and different bodies react differently to the same intakes. This article from Prevention Magazine, which talks about how gut health is also now being correlated to anxiety, Alzheimer’s, and other disorders and diseases, is so jam-packed with good info I just had to share. Here’s a sample tip: people who eat more than 30 unique plant foods each week have more diverse gut micro biomes and that helps stave off slow or prevent Alzheimer’s processes. There’s more, hope you get something out of this too.


  • How old are you, really? Now we have the beginnings of tracking our “biological age.” Life takes its toll, and in some surprising ways. How are you doing according to the new research? Check out this article from The Wall Street Journal.


Do Good Spotlight: Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

Food first is the mission of Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). Learn more about this steady, relied-upon resource for the disadvantaged of Trenton here: https://www.trentonsoupkitchen.org/ and consider how you can help.

We donated as we do for all our spotlighted organizations. Have an organization you want us to consider? Let us know: info@digitalbrandexpressions.com.

That’s our briefing for this week. I hope you gained some tips for staying healthy that you can share with your team, and Happy Father’s Day this Sunday.

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