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Happy Embrace your Geekness Day! 🎉🤓 We’re super pumped to be sharing our geekness with you. Start your chess timer and get out your DnD dice because we’re about to play out the latest digital marketing news!

  • Marketers need to be aware of current guidelines to keep their websites, content, etc. accessible for all. Here are two articles to assist you: part 1 & part 2.
  • Google is reportedly offering to restructure so that its ads businesses are a separate company–though still within the Alphabet world–to avoid a Justice Department lawsuit. It looks like we won’t be hearing any “No, you’re outta order” from the company on the antitrust issue… at least not yet.
  • eMarketer reports US Retail Ecommerce Sales will top *pinky to side of lip* $1 TRILLION this year! That’s an increase of over 9% vs. last year and the total represents 15% of total retail sales. And, btw, Amazon alone will make up 38% of all digital sales! 😲

Do Good Spotlight

🌟 JBWS 🌟

Founded in Morristown NJ in 1976, JBWS is a “private, confidential service welcoming ALL survivors of dating, domestic, or partner abuse (and their family members) regardless of severity of the abuse, marital status, income, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity”. Their paid staff and volunteers offer safety, support, and solutions to anyone in Morris County, NJ.

Learn more, and donate to the cause here: https://jbws.org/


The time has come to put the pen back into the pocket protector. 🖊 We look forward to chatting next week!


Live long and prosper, friends 🖖🏼



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