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If that didn’t scare you, our spooky issue of What’s Hot Wednesday will! 🦇🎃 Commence the spooky Halloween tunes!

  • Looking into our crystal ball 🔮 … marketers are predicting heightened adoption of metaverse tech in 2023. They’re even looking to create a new role in their team for a “metaverse coordinator.” Get the full outlook in this MarketingTech article.
  • *ghoulish voice* They’re coming… and they’re raising privacy concerns. Uber ads are going to be formally released soon and people have already brought up concerns on location privacy. While some advertisers may be jumping up in their seats about this, we will all have to wait and see how everything rolls out.
  • Here lies the thumbs up emoji 💀. That’s right, the thumbs up emoji has been canceled by Gen Z for being abrupt and sometimes rude, according to Forbes. My take on this: Gen Z has experienced much, if not most, of their communication through technology. The meanings encoded in the pictographic and technical communication are deeper than earlier generations. With that lens, it’s no surprise that emojis can get canceled.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Children First PA 🌟

Through “developing initiatives and advocating for quality health care, child care, public education, and family stability,” Children First PA works to improve children’s lives, particularly around the Philly area. They continually release research, including insights on Covid’s impact on children. Learn more about their noble cause here: Children First PA.

  • Something new is lurking in your feeds… YouTube handles, that is. Creators will be choosing (or already have chosen) handles for their accounts. They will be visible in Shorts and channel pages near you this month!
  • If you’ve been on the fence about starting a podcast for your business, or if your team is having challenges getting a rhythm going with its marketing, you may want to check out Rise25. Since 2008, they’ve been helping businesses generate high ROI from podcasts. How? By connecting them—faster—to high caliber prospects, referral partners, strategic partners, and industry influencers. Rise25 has innovated a “done-for-you” podcasting model with tiers of services that can be aligned for any B2B business. One conversation with co-founder Dr. Jeremy Weisz and I instantly understood why this agency is so highly regarded. Here’s how to learn more and connect: Rise25.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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