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Thumbs Down to Thumbs Up, Uber Ads, & Adopting the Metaverse

By |10/26/2022|

Boo! 👻 If that didn’t scare you, our spooky issue of What’s Hot Wednesday will! 🦇🎃 Commence the spooky Halloween tunes! Looking into our crystal ball 🔮 … marketers are predicting heightened adoption of metaverse tech in 2023. They’re ...

Top Marketing Scares & How to Prepare

By |10/17/2022|

As you pass through childhood, many of the fears you had slowly fade. What your kid brain thought was the literal monster under the bed gradually transforms into a metaphorical one. And there are quite a few scary notions ...

Wayback Machine, the Long and Winding ROAS, & 4 GA4 Tips

By |09/28/2022|

Good morning ☀ It’s that time of week again. We’re eager to share the latest digital marketing tea…. Hope you’re ready because it’s here, and it’s piping hot! ☕ POP-UP. FLASH SALE. NEWSLETTER SIGNUP. All these pop-ups on your ...