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  • Twitter and Meta in their own hot messes:
    • Following in Twitter’s footsteps, Meta is laying off 13% of its workforce. Meta says Apple’s privacy policy updates have caused the company’s net Income to plummet and they need to restructure. We are sending positivity to all the workers affected by these changes.
    • * “Who Are You” by The Who plays in the background* Twitter’s recent blue check verification issue caused quite a scandal. (If you’re not up on the tea, Twitter allowed Blue subscribers to display a verified blue check on their account. This caused a slew of imposter accounts to spread false information.) But don’t worry too much, they are working to return the official gray verification checks back to the true accounts.
  • In the pandemonium, alternative social platforms are gaining traction:
    • Look in the sky. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s BeReal! MarketingCharts has the deets about this hot new social platform including its apparent appeal to young women. 66% of BeReal’s adult audience members are women ages 18-24! And the app also seems to be reaching men 25-34. Maybe BeReal will become more of a real deal in the year ahead.
    • Mastodon users have been surging since Musk’s takeover. The increase in uploads on Google Play and the App Store was quite cuckoo worldwide. The decentralized social platform is definitely a contender to watch with these numbers….

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Lasagna Love 🌟

We learned about Lasagna Love from Melissa Latham, who is one of the volunteer chefs. (Another awesome person we learned about through The Connective!) This amazing global nonprofit and grassroots movement aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. They also seek to eliminate stigmas associated with asking for help when it is needed most. Their mission is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities. You can learn more here.

There are lots of ways to help, we made a cash donation but perhaps you can volunteer as a chef, a la Melissa.

  • 2023 is just around the corner and 2023 budget planning is well underway. It’s the time when setting expectations for ROI is critical to gain approvals for your marketing initiatives. SEO is one of the hardest digital marketing initiatives to explain to executives in terms of time and results. Get some guidance on how to define and manage SEO expectations.
  • Want less data but more insights? This MarTech article explores using “decision playbooks” to identify the most important success metrics you need to quickly get agreement on next steps. 👣

We hope you’re finding ways to stay positive in these digitally tumultuous times. Sometimes the best thing to do is keep on keepin’ on,


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