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Be honest. If you’re having a smooth day, I hope it keeps going! If today’s had a rocky start, that’s okay. Think of things that did go your way today. Was your coffee just the right temperature? Did you see a brightly colored sky this morning? Whatever it was, send a little gratitude out to those positive forces. Remember: the meh/not-so-great days make the good ones shine brighter. 🙂

Okay, let’s push onward into digital marketing! 💻


  • 59% of adults are interested in using AI chatbots for conducting product research. This eMarketer story reinforces the importance of adding schema and product listings that are part of DBE’s SAIO optimization strategy. Don’t miss the note that Amazon is launching its own AI chatbot called Q.
  • When a teacher instructs a class, they start with the basics and build from there. AI prompting can be approached similarly. With Chain of Thought (CoT) Reasoning plus 2 other techniques, generalized chatbot, ChatGPT, was able to deliver high-quality responses that bested specialized AI competitors. Perhaps we should be looking at chatbot prompting from the view of a great teacher… building lessons on each other, giving plentiful examples, and shuffling up the test choices (the answer isn’t always “C”, y’all).

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Toys for Tots 🌟

Quick quiz: what organization has distributed 652 million toys to 291 million deserving children? If you guessed Toys for Tots, you’d be right! The Marine Toys for Tots Program’s mission is to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children at Christmas. Learn how you can support them: Toys for Tots.

Digital Marketing

  • Have you ever been to an all-you-can-eat buffet with none of the dishes labeled correctly? That same confusion you get wondering if that dish on the back burner is chicken or pork is what advertisers feel on the Google Search Partner network (GSP). Advertisers have reported finding their ads on questionable websites, some of which were blocked. And this is why DBE tends to avoid the GSP network for our clients….
  • Listening is one of the hardest skills to learn. It’s not something you can take a seminar on and call it a day. It’s an everyday practice. A constant choice. A meaningful awareness of yourself. A heartful connection with another. Quick Study posted a thoughtful piece on listening in marketing. I especially recommend reading the part about “transit hub” vs. “community” brands. Knowing where your brand lies in that mix is crucial to how you can best serve your customers.
  • Marketing Charts has data from Dentsu on what roles CMOs are prioritizing for the next 12 months vs. the last 12 months. Top priorities include “ensuring effective brand management” and “developing the overall customer experience.” The story notes that B2C CMOs are held more accountable for customer satisfaction and advocacy while B2B CMOs are more likely to be responsible for the delivery of digital transformation programs.

See you on the flipside, friends. Have a superb week!💖


Tap dancing is an incredible skill… and these brothers make it look easy! 🕺🏻🕺🏻

I don’t know about you, but I am inspired. 🤩

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